Biogas is called a combustible gas mixture, which is obtained in the process of natural decomposition by methane fermentation. Expansion did not go to thousands of years, as it occurs in nature in order to shorten the decomposition to several days, the bacteria that are involved in the decomposition process, special conditions are created. Typically, a mixture of methane, biogas and other concomitant gases.
    The percentage of methane in the biogas varies depending on what kind of organic components included in the biosubstrate. This directly affects the gas specific heat of combustion.
    Due to the fact that the rapidly growing amounts of organic waste, biogas production, solves the problem of waste, thus preventing emissions of methane into the environment, thus reducing the use of chemical fertilizers, and prevents contamination of the groundwater. Also, the production of biogas has the advantage that to obtain it is not necessary to buy raw materials, as almost every enterprise has the organic waste.
    Biogas is used as fuel to generate steam, heat, electricity and fuel for vehicles. In some countries, biogas is used for cooking.
    Based on the fact that biogas – a product of processing of organic raw materials and the production of it solves a wide range of environmental problems in the industrialized world biogas is a leader in the production of up to 18% in the total energy mix.
    With the development of automobile and environmental problems, more automakers equip cars powered by biogas.
    And probably the most important aspect – the biogas gives full energy independence.