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Who are we? We are fans of clean green energy. We are convinced that alternative energy, namely the energy of the sun, wind, water and earth, is our future. A future in which the concepts of environmental pollution, global warming and energy crisis will remain in history textbooks. That is why we have created a portal dedicated to alternative energy in order to promote it. Here we publish interesting and relevant information, namely:

  • Everything you need to know about the green tariff;
  • Recommendations on how to install solar panels and wind power plants;
  • Interesting facts about alternative energy;
  • Articles on the achievements of the world and Ukraine in the transformation of the energy system in order to abandon fossil fuels.

Let’s build a world of clean energy together!

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Experience of the world


    Created innovative solar panels, which can be deployed on the ground...

    The process of installing solar panels in most cases involves many difficulties. This process was simplify to the impossibility of scientists from England. New...

    Experience of in Ukraine


      40% efficiency at a price of 20% – Insolight and MELA...

      Theoretically, we can displace a maximum of 34% of polycrystalline panels. But it will be very difficult and expensive. And such a...
      Автомобіль на сонячній енергії

      Cars and solar-powered boats. It just works.

      A car that requires no gasoline or outlet. Sounds like fiction, doesn't it? In fact, it is fantastic and you will not...

      Ideas for energy independence

      Interesting facts

      The discovery in the field of alternative energy