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Alternative energy and energy of nature is more interested scientists, businessmen, tie all the others. The fact is that due to energy Sun, windу, water and Earth can provide the entire population of our planet’s electricity without polluting the atmosphere with.

Our website https://alternative-energy.com.ua/en you can learn about:

  • types of alternative energy;
  • interesting facts about wind, sun, water and land;
  • Domestic and international experience in the use of alternative energy for energy independence from fossil fuels.

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Experience of the world


    Ways to get “green” energy in China: traditional and not very

    China's course on the stable development of alternative energy is an example for many European countries. While other states still can not say goodbye...

    Experience of in Ukraine

      Експертна мережа

      Fidonet is a network of people who know

      Where to find knowledgeable people? A must-see for anyone who is involved in alternative energy at the professional or hobby level. Finding...
      Правда ли атомная энергетика безопасна?

      (Un) clean nuclear power. Is an atom the best way out?

      There are two common myths: an atomic kilowatt costs 50 cents, and nuclear power is the most environmentally friendly. The bottom line...

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