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Who are we? We are fans of clean green energy. We are convinced that alternative energy, namely the energy of the sun, wind, water and earth, is our future. A future in which the concepts of environmental pollution, global warming and energy crisis will remain in history textbooks. That is why we have created a portal dedicated to alternative energy in order to promote it. Here we publish interesting and relevant information, namely:

  • Everything you need to know about the green tariff;
  • Recommendations on how to install solar panels and wind power plants;
  • Interesting facts about alternative energy;
  • Articles on the achievements of the world and Ukraine in the transformation of the energy system in order to abandon fossil fuels.

Let’s build a world of clean energy together!

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Experience of the world


    A subsidiary company of Google Holding is actively promoting geothermal systems...

    Dandelion, which is part of Google’s holding, has managed to attract investments of almost $ 4.5 million. These funds are necessary to expand the...

    Experience of in Ukraine


      Energy takeoff 2022: US pledges 46.1 GW of new generation capacity

      The use of alternative energy has become a salvation for the world. An environmentally friendly resource, available in an unlimited amount, is...

      Non-standard solutions: rain as a source of energy

      In search of free and endless clean energy, humanity has thoroughly explored the possibilities of many resources. The energy of the sun,...

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