Replenishment in the family of electric cars: Mercedes introduced a new flagship crossover


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The world saw a novelty from the eminent automaker back in April 2021. Mercedes introduced the flagship of the electric car line – the EQS liftback. A year later, the auto industry leader surprised fans yet again by showing off the EQS in crossover format. It is expected that the flagship novelty will go on sale at the end of 2022.

EQS is not the most original name for the flagship of the Mercedes electric car line. The design of the novelty does not stand out too much – it is almost identical to the prototype (author’s note – the EQS liftback), but it has been transformed into a new format. The abbreviation SUV was added to the name of the car.

New car – new opportunities

The advent of the new electric vehicle brings the green age one step closer. A practical and functional electric car promises to become a faithful assistant to the owner. The manufacturer has taken care of its comfort and convenience:

  • for the novelty, a Hyperscreen with a diagonal of 56 inches and three displays is available – a dashboard, a central multimedia and a passenger screen;
  • in the configuration of the new Mercedes EQS SUV – a fully controlled chassis, air suspension with an adaptive damping system;
  • the manufacturer provides adaptive cruise control, endowed with a wide range of tracking functions.

Mercedes EQS SUV is a car with artificial intelligence MBUX, one of the attractive features of which is the ability to self-learn. A simple example – with regular calls from one subscriber, MBUX will begin to warn about the incoming signal in advance. In this case, when changing the driver of the car, the warning will not be turned on. The system uses fingerprint scanning to recognize the driver’s identity. Up to 7 profiles can be activated in this way, which allows several people to drive a car with the same comfort.

What’s under the hood

There are two options for the power plant in the Mercedes EQS SUV. The first one is basic. This is the EQS 450+, which is equipped with a 359 horsepower engine. The unit is located on the rear axle and has a torque of 568 Nm.

The second version – EQS 580 4Matic provides a total engine power of 544 horsepower and 858 Nm of torque. These versions of the car are equipped with two power units. For comparison, the similar characteristics of the liftback in a comparable version are much smaller – 333 and 523 horsepower, respectively.

The battery of both versions of the electric car pleasantly surprises with its capacity. It is the same for the EQS 450+ and EQS 580 4Matic and is 107.8 kWh.

The power reserve of the crossover, for obvious reasons, is less than that of the liftback. At the moment, the manufacturer calls the figure up to 600 km with a liftback power reserve of 770 km. More accurate information about the distance will appear after the final tests and the release of the crossover on the world market.

Charging time is one of the most pressing issues for electric car owners. Tests show that the EQS SUV will be ready to cover 300 km after just 15 minutes of charging from a DC terminal. In half an hour, the charge level can be raised from 10% to 80%. When using AC sources, it will take 12 hours to fully replenish the expended energy.

The cost of the crossover has not yet been determined, but it will definitely not be lower than the price of the liftback (from $102,000).


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