Energy takeoff 2022: US pledges 46.1 GW of new generation capacity


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The use of alternative energy has become a salvation for the world. An environmentally friendly resource, available in an unlimited amount, is the optimal solution for power supply of both small appliances and large objects. Every year the number of clean energy generating capacities is increasing and 2022 should be no exception.

According to analysts’ forecasts, in 2022 the United States plans to commission 46.1 GW of new generators. Almost 50% of them are solar-powered (21.5 GW of total solar power).

In addition to solar energy, attention was paid to other options for alternative power sources. Thus, the share of wind turbines in the planned volume of new capacities will be 17% (7.6 GW), and systems operating on natural gas – 21% (9.6 GW).

Future plans

According to experts’ calculations, the total increase in US energy storage capacity will be 84%. Such results will be achieved, among other things, thanks to the construction of two new power units in the state of Georgia. These power units are capable of providing a 5% increase in the country’s electric capacity in 2022.

The US Department of Energy announces a full transition to clean energy by 2035. Given the pace of development of the “green” energy industry, it is quite possible to achieve such results. The Department of Energy has allocated $130 million for new solar energy development projects in the United States in 2020. These funds will be used to finance 67 projects aimed at introducing artificial intelligence into energy production and reducing the cost of energy from solar power plants.

Wall Street Predictions: Investments that pay off

Among investors from all over the world, the purchase of shares in companies specializing in the production and operation of renewable energy sources is becoming an increasingly popular solution. Both the solar and geothermal energy sectors are developing at a rapid pace, which has a positive effect on the overall growth of investment in these industries.

What to buy?

The rapid development of the industry is an excellent period for investment and profit. Analysts recommend paying attention to several major companies whose shares may go gold in the coming years:

  • ChargePoint (CHPT) is one of the largest networks of electric car charging stations located around the world;
  • Clearway Energy (CWEN) is a conventional power generation company specializing in the creation of renewable energy sources;
  • Darling Ingredients (DAR) is one of the world leaders in the production of environmentally friendly products for the pharmaceutical, food, feed and fuel industries;
  • Ormat Technologies (ORA) is the owner of the largest geothermal assets in Nevada.
  • It is worth paying attention to such companies as First Solar (FSLR), SPDR S&P Kensho Clean Power ETF (CNRG), Sunrun (RUN).

Acquiring assets on the US stock exchange requires a serious understanding of market trends. But given the global transition to clean energy and the plans of one of the world’s largest economies for the coming years, investing in renewable energy stocks will definitely be profitable.


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