New solar energy storage facilities will be able to store collected resources for up to 18 years


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Solar energy – is one of the cleanest energy resources that can replace traditional power sources without loss. It’s endless, available at any time and doesn’t require complex transformations. People have long learned to capture the energy of the sun and transform it according to their own needs. The development of alternative energy is constantly and everywhere. Every year there are more and more discoveries and relevant solutions.

Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden) and the University of Shanghai, today. Scientists are developing a project for a new system. It’s capable of not only collecting solar energy and converting it. The main purpose of this installation is the accumulation and storage of solar energy. Shelf life – 18 years. You can use it at any time and in any required amount.

The goal is to create self-charging electronics

The team of scientists has previously extracted thermal energy from the energy of the sun. But now the laboratory has managed to achieve new results. Scientists have created a system capable of producing electricity when connected to a thermoelectric generator. Such success will allow continued research, the main purpose of which is the development of electrical appliances self-charging from solar sources.

This method is a fundamentally new development. Thanks to the discovery of Swedish and Chinese scientists, it was possible to use solar energy regardless of weather conditions, time of day and other external factors. The closed system will function day and night anywhere in the world. This will prevent the release of carbon dioxide into the environment.

The basis for the development was the MOST technology (Molecular Solar Thermal Energy Storage Systems). It was developed by employees from Sweden. The technology is based on a molecule that changes its shape when interacting with the sun’s rays.

“Swedish sun” made of smart molecules

After confirming their assumptions and creating a molecule capable of holding a charge of solar energy, scientists at the Swedish University shared their findings with colleagues from the University of Shanghai. It was here that the solar energy was subsequently released from the molecule and converted into electric current. To achieve the result, Chinese scientists created a special generator. We can say that the “Swedish sun” molecule went to the other end of the Earth to receive a new status – converting it into electricity.

The generator, created by Chinese specialists, is a very thin chip. It can be built into various electrical appliances, including:

  • compact headphones;
  • smart watch;
  • smartphones, etc.

The first experiments showed that the idea really works. The development will allow the creation of renewable energy without emissions harmful to the environment.

The project has been almost completely finalized and today there are already implemented systems for storing solar energy with its possible batch release for charging gadgets. The researchers plan to create stable systems that can be used to heat houses and solve other energy problems. Work is underway to optimize the system, increase energy capacity and increase the profitability of such solar batteries.


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