How green energy in Ukraine suffered due to the war with Russia


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On February 24, 2022, Russian troops launched a full-scale offensive against Ukraine. During the 2 months of the war, the country suffered huge losses. Some of them are related to the destruction of green energy enterprises.

Before the invasion of the aggressor, Ukraine confidently entered the TOP-10 leading countries in terms of the speed of development of the industry. In 2020 Ukraine was recognized as one of the 5 countries most actively developing alternative energy in Europe. Military aggression did not just stop the work of enterprises. It caused the destruction of many of them and the bankruptcy of the owners of the surviving industries.

Solar power during the war

More than 60% of solar power plants are located in the south and east of Ukraine. It is on this territory that the occupiers are most active. As of the end of April 2022, about 40% of industrial power plants located in the region have already suffered from their actions. The total installed capacity of the enterprises is 1500 MW. The greatest losses in the industry were noted in the Nikolaev energy center. Some of them were damaged by shelling, the others cannot be connected due to violations of the integrity of the power lines. Destroyed 100% of solar power plants around Kharkov.

The capacities functioning today do not work with full capabilities. Generation limits have been introduced to maintain system stability.

Wind power during the war

Solar power plants are not the only renewable energy infrastructure affected. the wind power industry suffered no less losses. The largest Ukrainian wind farms are located in the regions of Odessa, Nikolaev, Zaporozhye, Lvov. Today, the work of more than ⅔ of windmills has been stopped, some of them are out of order. Only 372.5 MW of capacities remain in operation, which are installed in the Odessa and Lvov regions.

Bioenergy industry

In general, the installed capacity of bioelectric power plants in Ukraine before the start of the war was more than 220 MW. These are facilities that receive energy from biomass and biogas, located near large agricultural enterprises. More than 10% of the capacities were damaged by the military actions of the aggressor.

Ways to solve the problem and the prospects of the industry

The restoration of Ukraine will require serious investments. But already now, several steps can be taken that can minimize the impact of the current situation on the energy industry of Ukraine:

  • open damaged energy facilities access to the Fund formed by the European Energy Community;
  • provide support – tax holidays, waiver of rent for 5 years, land taxes, which will allow the construction of new green energy facilities;
  • provide incentives for the access of renewable energy enterprises to the electricity market, which will reduce the burden of paying “green tariff”;
  • increase the level of loyalty of the Ukrainian energy system through the construction of new energy storage facilities.

It is also necessary to create special conditions for the operation of green energy facilities operating on renewable hydrogen and synthetic methane. This approach will help support the industry during the difficult period of the war and prevent the bankruptcy of enterprises.

The Ukrainian energy system remains stable despite losses. Since March 16, 2022, the grids of Ukraine have been synchronized with the European power grid.


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