An example of a village in Germany, which switched exclusively to alternative energy


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A small village called Feldheim, Germany, uses only ecological energy for energy supply. The village is located 70 kilometers from the capital.

Delegates from our country visited the German settlement in mid-October this year. Sergey Savchuk, head of the State Department of Energy Efficiency, and a group of his colleagues arrived in Feldheim to be acquainted with their energy supply features in order to gain experience for Ukraine.

The transition of the village to “green energy” was financially provide by Energiequelle GmbH, which acted as an investor.

The inhabitants of the city of Troenbritsen and the municipality of the settlement also actively participated in the project implementation.

The main power of the village of Feldheim is a wind power plant. Its capacity is 123 megawatts the station includes 55 windmills. According to expert estimates, WEEE provides around 250 million kilowatt-hours of electricity every year.

Another source of energy supply is a solar power plant with a power of 2.25 m megawatts. SES consists of thousands of solar panels and generates about 2700 megawatts of electricity per year. This amount of “green” energy is enough to meet the needs of about 6 hundred homes.

Also in the village was build a special accumulating station, which provides uninterrupted operation and maintenance of the frequency of the power network. This station has a capacity of 10 megawatts.

In addition, a biogas plant with a capacity of 526 kilowatts was install on the territory of Feldheim. It gives heaters and electricians the inhabitants of the village. Biogas plant works on animal wastes and silos.

As an auxiliary source of heat energy in the village, there is also a solid fuel boiler house, which operates thanks to the woodworking waste and put into operation in the winter. The newest boiler house provides the city with a decent amount of hot water and heating of dwellings.

The investor company has also taken care of the creation of private thermal and electric networks.

According to the head of the village, their settlement for the project was chose completely by accident. Not far from the village was a white wind park and SES built up, which led to the idea of ​​creating an independent power grid.

The villagers fully supported the project and were satisfied with the result for all 100%. After all, such an organization of energy supply to the village does not harm the environment and can save considerable savings for each particular family.

The inhabitants of the village invested in private funds for three thousand euros each. Now they pay for utility services by 30% less than before. In addition, residents of Feldheim have a guarantee that prices for electricity and heating will not increase, so the payback period of their investments will be reduce. In the country, on the contrary, the cost of energy and heat is constantly increasing.

The Head of the State Department of Energy Efficiency of Ukraine officially provided the invitation to the city of Troinbritsen (an energy independent settlement is part of it) to participate in the IX International Investment Business Forum “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Industry”. This event is intend to demonstrate to the Ukrainian community the experience of other countries regarding the use of renewable energy sources. The importance of this event is that the majority of examples can theoretically be implement in the territory of our country.


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