AUKW GAIA-ROSCH – Another failed attempt to find “free energy”


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Apparently since the invention of the power generator, mankind has been trying to find “free energy”. Not the energy of the sun, wind, water, and earth that actually just needs to be “taken”. They want the energy that comes from nowhere. Which needs nothing but building a “generator” (just like solar panels and wind turbines).

Magnetic wheels, generators connected to electric motors, and all sorts of space energy captures. All of these devices have long been in the minds of conspiracy theorists who believe that oil, coal, and alternative energy magnates are simply seeking out and eliminating the authors of such inventions. But no one searches for them or stops them. They have every opportunity to prove that their inventions work. The only problem is that none of the inventors of “free energy” uses their own invention to provide electricity to their homes. Because their inventions just don’t work.

And they could be ignored. Until they started trying to make money from trusting people.

AUKW or Auftriebskraftwerk

This device was invented by “specialists” of the Swiss company GAIA-ROSCH. Its principle of work is to use the law of Archimedes, according to which the force acting on the body immersed in water is equal to the mass of the displaced water, multiplied by the acceleration of free fall. The cylinder is used as a body inside of a water-filled tank. The water-filled cylinder has excellent buoyancy and sinks down to the bottom of the tank. At the bottom it is filled with air, displacing water from the cylinder. Now the floating cylinder quickly rises up where it releases all the air and sinks again. All you have to do is increase the number of cylinders, connect them to the carousel by means of a chain and connect to the generator.

A completely different matter is the supply of air into the cylinders at the bottom of the tank. The compressor must be powerful enough to withstand the Archimedes force, since the air supplied obviously displaces the water. But this is not the main problem. It is precisely the law of mating vessels and the pressure that is created at the bottom of such a reservoir. In fact, the compressor must be of sufficient capacity to compress the air to the pressure at the bottom of the tank.

AUKW or Auftriebskraftwerk mathematical model

To do this, a 2000W compressor must compress air to 8 atmospheres. A typical industrial compressor typically catches up to 8 atmospheres at 50 l for 150 sec. And in a cylinder of 1000 liters, it will take 3000 seconds, respectively. This will result in a waste of 1667 W * h. That is, just over 13% will return from the consumed electricity. In doing so, we neglected the fluid resistance and the mass of the cylinder. In addition, the pressure in the receiver is kept from zero, and in this case it is always 8 atm, which will greatly reduce the performance of the compressor.


It will be a miracle to return at least 10% of energy consumed.

Would such a device make sense if it worked?

If Auftriebskraftwerk worked, it could deliver steadily up to 5 kW, occupying up to 10 square meters of space. It would be completely safe and environmentally friendly. But not suitable for use in seismic regions. And also, very noisy due to the compressor, which by the way is not very reliable and will require repair or replacement almost every quarter.

At the same time, wind turbines take up the same space and are much more reliable. Wind turbines have been operating for decades. And they are not compared to any of the compressors with their several thousand hours of work life.

Even if Auftriebskraftwerk worked, it would prove to be the least reliable source of electricity.

On the other hand, the market already has a source of silent, very reliable and free energy. This generator should only be installed and forgotten. And thousands of Ukrainians are already using it. This generator is called a small solar power plant or a wind power plant.


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