Ukraine and Europe: the construction of TPP, which operating on biomass


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The current situation in Ukraine requires solution of energy problems. Actively exploring the potential of biomass, the possibility of cooperation with international organizations in improving the energy efficiency of enterprises. Several modern companies have already managed to conquer the market of alternative fuels and energy sources in the domestic space.

Use of biomass in Ukraine and Europe

Europeans are keenly promoting combined heat and power. TPP uses waste heat from power generation manufactured, and thus increases the efficiency of the process to more than 80%. Europeans use cogeneration systems in the pulp and paper industry, refineries and chemical plants, bioremediation systems. Bio-electric power used in the manufacturing sector, and is used to power electric vehicles or exported in grid potential for electric vehicles.

In Ukraine, there is also the combustion of biomass in boilers and cogeneration plants, biogas from anaerobic fermentation. In general, the resulting energy is directed in favor of the agricultural sector and industrial facilities. Construction of TPP working on biowaste, pays off in a few years, especially if enterprise or farm is able independently provide themselves with raw materials. Cattle farms and sugar mills are the most active customers of biogas equipment.


In Ukraine towards energy efficiency is gaining popularity the use of individual heat points (IHP). This station consists of pipes, pumps, heat exchangers and control of water temperature sensors in apartment buildings, work of which depends on changes in the weather and the overall temperature in the street outside the house. This functional feature technology saves up to 30% of fuel.

What kind of equipment buy Ukrainians?

Now, our fellow citizens can purchase bio equipment for every taste and price equivalent. Most buy Dutch, German, Danish biogas plants. Major suppliers in Ukraine offer consumers what best meets customer needs. Bioplants elected by commodity-dependent factor. Sophisticated processing process is typical for sunflower husks, straw, silage corn, chicken manure.

In direction of engineers together with the Danish-Bulgarian partners in Ukraine built more than a hundred substations in three cities: Cherkassy, ​​Vinnitsa, and Poltava. In particular, thanks to the latest TPP since 2013 heated homes and hospitals. According to the company “Pro-Energy”, is currently preparing to launch a new large-scale project of processing of corn silage for a large agricultural holding. The company also plans to translate “Kyivenergo” to new bio-boiler houses to reduce the cost of fuel.

Constraints and positive trends

Understand how important bio-energy projects, but often enterprises are reluctant to look at switching to biomass due to the fact that the market is poorly developed, there is no certainty in the supply of raw materials and their price. Few businessmen and farmers are resolved to the cultivation of own biomass from scratch.

However, don’t just get upset. Compared with previous years, it is now in Ukraine there is a “boom” of energy efficiency projects. International Bank, the World Bank, NEFCO strongly encourage our municipalities to install such equipment. Now more than 30 cities in different regions of Ukraine are conducting or planning to conduct tenders for the Development of substations. This is an important step towards energy savings. In the transition to alternative sources we can see positive dynamics.


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