Fidonet is a network of people who know


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Сеть Фидонет

Where to find knowledgeable people? A must-see for anyone who is involved in alternative energy at the professional or hobby level. Finding a person who knows more, has some experience and can certainly be difficult to give advice is difficult. Internet forums are littered with various experts who have miraculously launched their 100W panel and now consider themselves professionals.

Of course, the ideal option is to go directly to the store where you have purchased solar panels, but often the retailer is not very versed in their range. Especially at an early stage of market development.

Fidonet is a network of knowers

Even before the advent of the Internet, there was a smaller but completely independent Fidonet network. It brought together enthusiasts from various fields from programmers to alternative energy enthusiasts. Thus, it is a kind of concentrate on expert opinion and is so successful that it is popular, despite a large number of forums and the Internet. Also, Fidonet has no spam, banner ads, viruses, and pseudo-experts. Here you will find expert help from people close to you in spirit.

How to get in Fidonet?

You can get to Fidonet by registering at or through friendly for us WEB BBS We are waiting for your questions!


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