Home-made energy accumulator from the Ukrainian manufacturer will soon be available on the market


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While representatives of the company Tesla are working on the launch of a production complex for the purpose of serial production of its powerful batteries, the market filled other firms that are fairly serious competition to each other. Daimler, BMW and Nissan have already started manufacturing home-made batteries. Ukrainian manufacturers are also not lagging behind in this race – they presented a system called Serenis to the general public.

The energy-saving system was introduced in 2015. At the moment, manufacturers reported that they already received all the necessary certificates and permits. Sales of the system in the European market will start in 2019.

The ultrasonic recorder from the Ukrainian manufacturer is a high-tech device; the term for which (which means the beginning of the development and release of the finished equipment) was only three months. In addition to the record-breaking period, the Serenis ESS system has plenty of advantages that allow it to compete with similar devices on the world stage.

The system is not just an accumulator – it is a “smart” device, which allows not only to accumulate but also to convert energy. The system consists of:

– high-tech controllers;

– a system that allows monitoring the state of the Internet and managing power flows;

– Li-ion battery;

– hybrid inverter.

The price of Serenis ESS with the capacity of 3 kilowatts varies within 4000-6000 euros. The cost is directly dependent on the system configuration.

Creators of the system say that their device can be connected not only to solar panels, but also to the equipment generating electricity with the help of a wind. The Serenis system can be charged at night when the electricity tariff is significantly lower. The manufacturer also notes the possibility of selling electricity surplus at the “green” tariff to the general network. The size of the energy accumulator is small, which allows you to significantly expand the list of places to install. Weight of the device is only 30 kg.

Representatives of the company-manufacturer of the system reported that during the presentation of their development, they hoped to receive orders for a maximum of 100 kW (30 Serenis ESS at 3 kilowatts). As a result, orders for the first few days amount about 1 megawatts.

The manufacturer also notes that the company’s registration address is Nyiregyhaza (Hungary). It is located in hundreds of kilometers from Uzhhorod. Despite the fact that engineers worked in Ukraine and the development itself is denominated as Ukrainian, the plant for serial production of systems was located in Hungary, in order to avoid the difficulties of selling them to European countries.

The plant itself is located not far from Nyiregyhaza and is currently in the final stages of construction. The production line is configurable only by experts from Ukraine. After commissioning the plant will be able to produce about 130 systems per month.


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