In Kiev, a new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists will be build, equipped with solar panels


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Kiev Park “Khreshchatyk” will soon be integrate with the Vladimir hill new bridge, and will be equipped with solar panels. The bridge will be designe for pedestrians and cyclists. The solar panels on the bridge will provide environmental lighting.

On December 14 the project plan was approved at a meeting of the town-planning council. According to the plan, the new project will become a full-scale construction, the capacity of which will be calculate not only for pedestrians and cyclists, but also for snow removal equipment. The issue of movement of snow-removing machinery remains relevant for the area, so the new project will be able to solve many problems in bad weather conditions. In addition, the bridge will be equipped with observation platforms, lighting and video surveillance.

According to the construction plan, a bicycle path will be located in the middle of the bridge, six meters wide. It is also plan to install a heating system for the bike path to prevent the accumulation of snow, water and ice in winter – the main problems of the Ukrainian winter.

But the main feature will be the installation of solar panels. They are necessary for the production of electrical energy in an environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly way. The received electricity will be direct to the bridge lighting.

The place for future construction is very difficult in the architectural sense. For the construction of the bridge will need a support not less than 36 meters in height. It will also be very difficult to harmoniously building this bridge into the surrounding architectural environment – the usual bridges here will be out of place. The architects have another difficult task: the bridge should be almost invisible from the left bank of the Dnieper; otherwise, the building will look anesthetically and stand out among other architectural structures.

The zone of construction is reserved; therefore, the project will be transfer to the UNESCO commission for the approval of construction. The length of the bridge is 222 meters. The bridge will be located at a high altitude, in the construction there will be three zigzags.

Features of this strategy will be such that pedestrians on each of the sections of the bridge will be able to see before them different panoramas. From the height of this architectural structure, you can see the key areas of Kiev – Podol, northern regions, the European Square, Troeschin, the banks of the Dnieper, the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. However, the main aesthetic idea of ​​the bridge – pedestrians will be able to see Prince Vladimir at the same level with him – the face and clothes of the prince will be as in the palm of your hand. Possibilities so close to see the Grand Duke of Kiev and the guests of the city were not yet.

The bridge will be equipped with a viewing platform with a glass floor. Pedestrians will be able to admire the landscapes of Kiev right under your feet. Lighting of the bridge will be energy saving, and in the future, it is plan to install and illumination at night. In addition, the bridge will be equipped with security systems and video cameras – all with the latest technology.

The construction of the bridge is an important milestone in the combination of tourist cities in Kiev – the bridge will connect two great shrines of the Ukrainian capital – the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and the Park of Glory. The construction of the bridge will be fund from the city budget. Already next year, when the project will be approve and some formalities are resolved, the construction of the bridge will finally begin.

The bridge will make the travel between the main tourist sites of the capital comfortable, fast and interesting, and solar panels will make the lighting and video surveillance system work energy saving, economically profitable and environmentally friendly.


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