In the capital there will be “green weekends”


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In Ukraine, green energy develops quite actively and no less active measures are taken to attract the public to this topic. Formation of ecological consciousness is the guarantor of further popularization of “green” technologies and careful attitude to nature.

The beginning of September in the capital will be held under the auspices of alternative innovations. During the 1st and 2nd of September there will be an event called TeslaCamp.

The participants of the environmental camp will have the opportunity to listen to 19 leading speakers in the field of alternative energy, to join in summing up the results of the world’s largest green start business competition, get acquainted with domestic “naturally friendly” projects and just relax on the banks of the Dnieper.


The main issues to be raised in the camp this year will be:

– Decentralization in the field of energy;

– ways to support RES;

– “green” export;

– creation of micro-networks;

– providing cyber security;

– Search for investments and innovative technologies.

The innovation of this year’s event will be the organization of a demonstration ground. In this zone, the latest developments of firms from Ukraine will be presented. Event organizers reported that the demonstration site would include the following technologies: solar equipment for brewing; wireless socket Meredot; accessories that function with the Stirling motor, etc.

According to the director of TeslaCamp Zinchenko Andriy, the organizers of this year’s event tried to create the most comfortable conditions for the participants not only while listening to the theoretical part, but also during the rest.

Speakers of the event are involved in various fields: expert, engineering, business and even state authorities. The organizers selected 19 specialists from different fields to consider the prospects of alternative energy development in Ukraine from different perspectives. In addition, this approach will allow you to get acquainted with different thoughts, experiences and form a comprehensive view of the “green” energy of our country as a whole.

Participants of the event will have an opportunity to spend “energy” weekends, combining education and recreation.

The tradition has already begun yesterday since the so-called zero day. On this day, a master class was organized where everyone could get acquainted with the energy system that was created specifically for the energy supply of the camp. The lesson was held under the direction of Khomenko Viktor, a specialist in the field of photovoltaic systems.

The camp was opened on September 1 and marked the final stage of the international format competition called ClimateLaunchpad. The winner of this competition was the opportunity to take part in the global finals of the Global Grand Final, which will take place in Scotland. This year, the competition presented 9 “green” innovations from Ukrainian developers.

In addition, the camp will familiarize with local examples of the introduction of alternative technologies. In particular, the experience of switching to alternative energy communities from different regions of our country and the features of creation of energy co-operatives will be presented. Representatives from Zhytomyr region will serve as an example of energy associations.

Participants in the camp who are under 12 years of age have the opportunity to take part on a free basis. The only condition – they should be in the west, accompanied by their parents.

For children, the special program on the initiative of the Children’s School of Modern Technologies LIKS will be organized on the territory of the event.

Participants will be able to stay in the tent campus as desired.


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