In the Kharkov region, one of the largest alternative power plants using solar energy in Ukraine will built: the investment is estimate at 50 million euros


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Prolonged preparatory plans for the construction of the almost the largest Ukrainian solar power station (SES) (in the third place in terms of capacity) in the Pervomaysky district center in the Kharkiv region came to an end with the signing of a memorandum on the allocation of investments.

In the role of the depositor is the Chinese national enterprise Shina Mashinere Yngineering Corratiyon (CMEC), which is going to build 50 MW of electricity generating capacity.

This structure represents the first SES of the “green type” in the country. It will produce electricity in accordance with the principles of public-private partnership. To start the power plant, the city council allocates a plot of land, occupying one hundred hectares, to the communal company “Pervomayskie heat networks”, which is one of the founders of the power plant project. Due to this, the city budget revenue should double, which is an unprecedented event for the regional economy of Ukraine.

Prospects for the construction of a power plant using solar energy in the city of Pervomaysky in Kharkiv region was discussed by the Head of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving Sergey Savchuk with the first deputy mayor of Pervomaysky Anton Orekhov, the trade manager of the engineering design company from China Li Ksianghe and one of the leaders of the Institute of Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development in the face of Stanislav Ignatiev.

The head of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving told the meeting participants that the basis for favorable conditions at the level of legislation was lay for mass distribution of similar “green character” projects with the participation of foreign investors. Along with this, the construction of this solar power station within the limits of energy independence will become the basis for the active activities of the remaining heads of city administrations of Ukraine.

Stanislav Ignatiev made a proposal to present this project for investments at the conference “ВУІLD & ЕNЕRGY Kharqіv Ехо 2018”, which is to take place on March 29-30 this year in Kharkiv.

Among the signatories of the investment project were the Chinese national enterprise Shina Mashinere Yngineerіng Sorratiyon, the Mayor’s Office of Pervomaisky, the Institute of Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development, and the state enterprise “TsRZI”.


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