Ivano-Frankivsk water canal soon will include a solar power plant


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The municipal enterprise “Ivano-Frankivskvodoekotehprom” in the near future will divide its land from the SES by 360 kilowatts.

The solar station is located at Ivano-Frankivs’k, Botanical Street, 2. The State Architectural and Construction Inspection have already fixed the certificate of the beginning of building. Representatives of the company-builder (SkyFall Energy LLC) reported that construction of new solar facilities would take place on the territory allocated by the city council, with a total area of ​​almost a hectare. It should be note that the land plot for SES was grant to the company for a period of 49 years. In addition, the developer must pay for the use of the site one percent of the established value of this land. From the beginning of next year, the percentage will increase to three.

As a contractor for the construction of a solar power plant, the limited liability company “Sannmwatt.ya” has acted.


The head of the company-developer Ivanyuk Andrey said that a number of problems would accompany the construction of the SES in the territory of the CP «Ivano-Frankivskvodoekotehprom». Firstly, on the allocated site there are communications of a water canal. Therefore, the installation of panels by screwing them into the ground becomes impossible.

According to the project, the developer will have to collect special suspension structures to commission the solar panels of the station. Secondly, the land plot on the Botanical, 2 costs almost eight times more than similar, just on the outskirts of the city.

According to preliminary calculations, the solar power plant will cost about 360,000 dollars. The head of SkyFon Energy LLC noted that the estimate is calculate according to this ratio: one thousand dollars per one kilowatt of power with the addition of costs for the installation of outdoor networks. Subject to the introduction of SES in operation in 2018, it will pay off within seven years. Such calculations were make based on a “green” tariff (15 eurocents). After 2019, the cost of a kilowatt of electricity will be reduce to 12 eurocents.

The head of SkyFoll Energy also noted that from the point of view of earnings, this SES is not profitable, because significant costs only provide for installation.

The head of the company-builder admitted that the solar power plant will present new jobs to the residents of the city and will become an example of how additional sources of replenishment of the state treasury can be develop at already existing enterprises.

Andrey Ivanyuk also noted that the construction of a solar power plant is a very profitable event for the city itself. The land plot on which the water canal communications are currently idle is idle, it is impossible to erect something on it. In addition, installed there solar panels will replenish the local budget for 49 years.

Now, the final project of the SES is being finalize. The solar power plant is plan to putting into operation next year.

The head of the company-builder also noted that the lion’s share of time would be occupy by all kinds of statements and permits from officials. You can make the installation of the station in a couple of months.

It is not yet know whether the generated SES energy will be use directly by the water canal.


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