News from China: started a huge smog cleaner on the energy of the sun


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After a long time during which the inhabitants of China were breathing in unsuitable air, when the country’s industrial development was taking place, the period of change finally came. Now the Chinese no longer save money on modern projects to protect and improve the environment. A couple of days ago in the city of Xi’an, a hybrid system of suction and processing of smog began operating, the cost of which was about $ 2 million. The cleaner was located on 10 square meters. km square and includes a huge pipe and an array of solar collectors.

The main advantage of the system of “antismoke from Xian” is its work in the inactive mode. A giant roof vault made of special glass on the ground is designed to capture the radiation of the Sun, which warms up the air and that is independently directed upwards – along a pipe eighteen meters high.

Solar collectors play an important role in the process of air purification. With their help, gases move through many filters, and as a result, they enter the atmosphere as almost completely purified air.

“Practically cleared”, because documented official results are still not recorded. The purifier began to be used in early 2018. It processes 5-8 million cubic meters of air daily and at maximum pollution in the winter months showed positive results. External data from air purity sensors in nearby settlements indicate a decrease in the number of solid elements in the atmosphere by 19% in the last few months. It sounds tempting, but it is a comparatively low figure, if we evaluate the economic benefits of the project.

Experts have questions to the founders of the “antismoke from Xian” – first of all, they were interested in the possibility to purify air from sulfur dioxide and the effect of such a cleaner on the environment and the flow of air masses in Xi’an itself.

In order to stabilize the ecological situation in the city, at least ten such systems need to be started, but their production will be very expensive, even if we do not take into account the allocation of huge tracts of land useful for other projects of the city. It is because of this that the smog cleaner is still in the process of transition from the experimental to the active stage.


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