Nissan and Tesla offer the best solution for the complete transfer of houses to solar energy


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Representatives of Nissan reported that at the moment the sale of their latest development called Nissan EnergySolar started. This system, called still “all-in-one”, consists of solar panels, energy storage xStorage and control systems. The development of Nissan is able to fully provide the household with “green” energy. The implementation of energy supply systems began with the UK.

According to the calculations of the company’s specialists, the installation of such a system in a private house will make it more energy-independent from a centralized network and help save about 66 percent on electricity payments. In addition, this home installation is designed to recharge the company’s electric cars, including the Nissan Leaf.

Residents of the UK will have the opportunity to make a choice regarding the configuration of the installation. They can choose only the solar panels of the company, only the energy storage (where xStorage can be preferred, which has already been used – it will be much cheaper) or install an integrate system.

If the customer installs a complete system, then Nissan EnergySolar will accumulate electricity produced by solar modules during the daytime for later use in the afternoon. In addition, the system has the ability to replenish energy reserves at night, when electricity has a low tariff.

The price of a full-fledged system at the beginning of sales is 10,300 dollars. In addition, it is possible to purchase separately solar panels from Nissan for $ 5,200 or xStorage for $ 8,700.

Despite the fact that already about 880 000 British have solar panels, experts predict this system a good chance and high sales.

The company Tesla also does not lag behind in this matter. Ilon Mask already had a system consisting of a solar cover for the roof and power storage Powerwall, released in an updated version with a double energy density.

Solar tile Tesla is a structured tile made of glass, in which a solar cell is built. The company’s offer includes 4 different types of solar roofs. Also, a household energy store Powerwall of the second generation was introduced. In the new version of the battery, the energy capacity is 14 kilowatt-hours, unlike the previous one, which has only 6.4 kilowatt-hours. Indicators of the nominal power of the second generation drive are equal to 5 kilowatts, and the maximum capacity is 7 kilowatts.

Representatives of the company Tesla said that they provide a warranty for Powerwall 2 for ten years, without limiting the cycles of recharging. Drives can be installed both inside the building (there is a variant of wall and floor mounting), and outside.

The price of energy storage from Tesla is $ 5,500, while the first version cost $ 3,500. The cost of the solar roof has not yet been specified, but, according to the developers, such an acquisition would be beneficial for the owners of households, when compared with traditional roof equipment by solar panels.


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