Odessa corrupt officials in the power company monopolized the energy market behind the back of the state


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Residents of the Odessa region are forced to spend 4 hours in a queue due to the inaction of employees of the local RES. The administration of the organization does not express interest in solving this problem and openly ignores the statements of citizens about problems in the work of their institution.

From the appeal of one of the citizens who suffered from the non-fulfillment of the direct duties of the workers of the RES: “On June 10, the documents for capacity expansion were handed over from 16 kW to 30. KW. At the same time, in Dmitriy Dmitrievna, an employee of Limansky RES, in office 5, she mentioned that the technical conditions would begin to be issued after July 15, but after the visit after July 15, office 5 was informed that now the head of the European Economic Community is on vacation and the technical conditions will begin to be issued even later. The result: more than a month for the consumer to bring money for payment and, accordingly, for the development of the energy market of Ukraine. What kind of rapid development of the country’s energy market are we talking about, if only papers are issued for more than a month? ”

The following message: “I came to the local Liman RES to receive technical conditions and a receipt for payment at 10:10 am, while I had to stand on the stairs almost on the first floor (office 5 which is needed on the second floor). During the queue, the RES worker calls some people, some people also walked past the queue saying “what they are by appointment”, while answering the question of the RES, some Elena Dmitrievna, why they passed the queue, she replies that “they went by appointment”. Neither the site nor anywhere else indicated that “elected people” can be held by appointment. ”

Limited in their rights to receive quality services, citizens of Ukraine, who visited the Odessa RES, noted that the organization’s parking was more like a collection of vintage cars. Such a concentration of expensive cars would be appropriate at the windows of the Verkhovna Rada.

The boiled question: “Bribery and criminal inaction are aimed at insulting citizens or at delaying the development of the energy market?”. Such an approach to the introduction of advanced technologies equates the efforts of the new President of Ukraine in attracting foreign investment to zero. After all, if there is no order inside the country even in matters of issuing the simplest documents, then we cannot talk about multimillion-dollar contracts and world-class trust.


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