Singer Ruslana invited journalists to her eco-house near Kiev


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At the end of May the winner of Eurovision 2004 Ruslana Lyzhichko celebrated her birthday. On this day, she invited a group of journalists to share the characteristics of their homes.

Not far from the capital of Ukraine Ruslana lives with her husband in an ecologically clean house. The singer said that her home is energetically active. According to Ruslana, the house is entirely provided with green energy thanks to solar and wind installations.

Throughout her career, Ruslana supported a return to the roots and respect for the traditions of the Ukrainian people. The singer is an activist, supporting a careful attitude to nature and a healthy lifestyle in general. Ruslana believes that full-fledged life full of bright colors is possible only in harmony with nature.

The singer’s house is struck by its size and appearance. With the journalists, Ruslan shared the idea that she lives in the house of the future. Energy-efficient housing includes a rehearsal studio, a winter garden, an underground swimming pool and a number of living rooms.

It is interesting that Ruslana worked with her husband over the project of the house. Their dwelling is a completely snow-white house, next to which a garden is broken, curly bushes from boxwood are planted in the form of ancient runes.

Ruslana also told reporters that she and her husband absolutely do not pay for utilities. The thing is, solar panels are installed on the roof of the house, which generates electricity for power supply of housing. The energy is sufficient, despite the fact that the house itself has impressive dimensions, and in the rehearsal studio a fairly powerful apparatus is installed, which is used almost daily. In addition, a number of solar collectors are located on the roof of the building, which serve to heat and heat water in the building. Ruslana also reported that 10 wind generators help generate electricity for her ecological home.

Ruslana Lyzhichko urges Ukrainians to follow her example by virtue of opportunities, because you can always find options how to reduce the harmful impact on nature. It is not necessary to develop a project of a large energy-efficient house, you can simply insulate the existing housing and thereby significantly reduce energy consumption.

An example of the winner of Eurovision 2004 can be followed by everyone who wishes. We already wrote about the fact that Oschadbank issues favorable loans for the purchase of domestic solar stations. In addition to saving on paying for electricity, the owner of SES will also receive tangible profits for at least 20 years.


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