Startup from Vinnytsia’s inventor who will help solve the issue of garbage in villages


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A resident of the city of Vinnitsa, Olga Yavorskaya, who is a graduate student of a technical university, presented a new interesting idea of ​​using modern technologies for cleaning various solid household waste when she spoke at the IWWG.

The new technology is the quadrocopter. Ukrainka estimated that it would be more cost-effective to use drones for garbage collection in private sectors of the city and villages.

The Sixteenth International Symposium, which was hell in Italy at the resort of Santa Margherita di Pula, recognized the invention as promising. This largest event of the year was the main theme of waste disposal in the world. During the symposium, Vinnichanka presented an entirely new concept to the International Working Group on Waste Management.

Olga Yavorskaya conducted her own research in Vinnitsa, where she studied how often people throw solid household waste, and what they throw out.

One of the sections of the symposium “Sardinia-2017” was devoted to presentations of promising start-ups, whose activities were relate to waste management. Olga was delighted to present her startup on the use of quadrocopters among high-ranking scientists. She was immediately invite to join the International Working Group and to speak next year.

The main idea of ​​the startup was to reduce the amount of solid household waste by flying quad squats. Partly replacing old garbage collection machines with flying machines has become an innovation in the field of garbage collection. This project will save fuel used by garbage trucks. Due to the fact that electric quadrupters, they only need to be charge with electricity, which is much more effective in the use of natural resources.

Everyone can see the problem in private sectors and low-rise buildings. At a time, when in apartment buildings people throw garbage in special containers, in the private sector I leave right at their homes and roadside roads at a certain time.

Olga Yanovskaya suggested leaving the garbage trucks to drive along the main streets of the private sector, but on other streets, the quad copter should fly and take the garbage in the bags, bringing it to the car.

This project will not only effectively get rid of debris, but also reduce the amount of emissions into the atmosphere from the garbage truck. Harmful emissions known to have a negative impact on the health of every person. So the project will not only get rid of solid household waste, but also reduce gaseous emissions.

The new concept is to save money on the fuel of garbage trucks and reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere, that is, the cost of garbage disposal for people can decrease several times.

Thesis project, as Olga Yavorskaya says, scientists are interested in and are ready to support a startup on the use of quadrocopters in small towns.

In another section of the symposium, the Ukrainian presented a stand at which factors affecting the amount of waste were consider. In detail, it is analyzed which waste is thrown out by the inhabitants and or sorted by them, the segment of the society does this more often and much more. Data for the presentation Olga Yanovskaya collected a whole year before presenting it to the honorable audience.

The researcher does not stop there and plans a new project at the Department of Construction, Municipal Economy and Architecture of the Vinnytsia National University with its head Igor Dudar, in which he studies how to properly organize special places for solid household waste, and how to organize the garbage disposal to the disposal sites, taking into account many factors. The main goal is to minimize costs and maximize profits.


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