“The Climate strike” was held in Kiev


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On September 20, an action was held in the capital of Ukraine as part of the Global Climate strike, the participants of which expressed their position regarding environmental pollution and harmful emissions, which negatively affects the environmental situation and leads to irreversible climate changes. Indeed, this July was the hottest month, and the last 5 years exceeded the maximum temperature indicators for the entire history of observing the weather.

As part of the Climate strike, more than 2,000 activists walked with slogans around the center of Kyiv and handed a letter to the president’s office with basic requirements. Among them – the transition to renewable energy sources until 2050, a ban on the extraction of fossil fuels and use disposable plastic, the development of eco-oriented transport, the termination of subsidies for industrial livestock from the state budget.

On this day similar actions were held in 160 countries, including Germany, Australia and the USA. Activists hopes in this way to draw attention to the problem on the eve of the UN summit on climate issues, which is scheduled for September 23, 2019.


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