The experience of Europe: “smart” technologies in action


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Фото нидерландского Утрехта

Previously, we have already written about the achievements of Korea in the field of alternative energy. Today, we want to share the experience of the European country – the Netherlands, which is known for its experiments in the field of alternative energy. Thus, electric buses with a wireless charge run the streets of Utrecht, which are charging from the socket before each flight. Similar buses are available in the Italian Turin, the German Mannheim, and several British cities. In order for the buses to be discharged to the end of the working day, special points of “recharging” are equipped at the stops. The bus can stop at such a “point” and recharge during 10 minutes. A similar stop is the main difference from the Korean technology, about what we talked earlier.

Interestingly, such buses are completely “green” transport, as it takes energy from wind turbines. At the end of the working day, unused energy returns to the city.

The Netherlands: “smart” track with solar panels for cyclists

The installaton of solar panelsBicycle paths with built-in solar panels are a new experiment of the city authorities. In the afternoon, solar panels accumulate energy, and in the evening they give it for illuminating streets, avenues and traffic lights. Today, the length of the track is 70 meters.



The Netherlands: a unique Bikescout system

If you think this is all, you’re deeply mistaken. The most common roads in the country have LED bulbs that warn drivers that a cyclist is near the crossroads. unique Bikescout systemThis once again proves incredible love for the bicycle type of transport.


The alarms work thanks to the unique Bikescout system, which is based on tracking radar. What does it mean? Everything is quite simple. When cyclists or pedestrians are within 50 meters of the car, warning signals are triggered. This is especially important for areas with poor lighting or even at night. A special mobile application has been developed for monitoring the system. There aren`t all innovations in the Netherlands, but about the rest, we will tell in the next article.



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