The Peppermill Reno in the United States uses the energy of the earth


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Geothermal energy at this stage of development of alternative energy is the most progressive and environmentally friendly way of obtaining electricity and heat. The use of earth energy is very popular in the United States, New Zealand, Indonesia, Iceland and other countries. The energy of the earth was previous used rather actively for the purpose of power supply. However, more recently geothermal wells have been working for the benefit of hotels.

The Peppermill Reno Hotel is one of the largest facilities that has replaced the colossal energy consumption from the grid for the use of geothermal energy.

In the hotel business, the use of alternative energy sources is only gaining momentum. Transition from traditional sources of energy consumption to geothermal energy will allow hotels to become more environmentally friendly and to achieve stability in supplying their energy.

It should be note that some hotels consume more electricity than the completely residential quarter of the city. This is due to the need to constant have a large supply of hot water for guests and air-conditioning rooms. The scheme of using the hotel for geothermal energy requires considerable work of engineers and scientists.

Hotel Peppermill Reno has been in existence since 1971. The project for the transfer of the complex to the energy of the earth was start in 2009. Representatives of the hotel note that after the introduction of customer innovations has become significantly more. A geothermal well created by human hands is located near the hotel. It is interesting that the energy of the earth complex now completely covers its energy demands, without drawing energy from outside. It is worth noting that the total area of ​​the building (together with the spa and casino) is about 10 000 square meters.

The hotel has:

– 1623 rooms for guests;

– 800 luxury rooms;

– 10 restaurants;

– 15 pubs;

– night club.

Given such scale of the complex, it is even frightening to imagine how much electricity it consumed before switching to geothermal energy.

The use of geothermal wells in other hotels

An example for imitation in translating hotels into energy of the earth was Iceland. The country is very rich in thermal springs and thanks to them, it was able to significant reduce energy consumption in the country as a whole and in hotels in particular. It is interesting that one geothermal station in this country fully provides the energy to the capital – the city of Reykjavik. Further, the United States and the European countries intercepted the initiative of ecological energy supply.

Hotel Jumeirah Frankfurt also fully provides itself with energy of the land. The depth of the well is 50 meters and it is located right under the hotel.

The eco-friendly hotel “Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort”, in addition to power supply due to a geothermal well, provides living rooms from bamboo and straw. This room is ideal in terms of air circulation. In addition, guests are offer vegetables and fruits that were grow without the use of any chemicals. Located hotel on the island of Fiji.

Similar hotel projects are current being actively developed in the United States, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand and Kenya.

Even landscapes that are not too suitable for wells do not become a hindrance, as the latest technologies and problems of unsuccessful terrain can be solve on the way to environmental friendliness and significant cost reduction.


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