Ukraine on the way to the development of renewable energy


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Alternative energy is gaining momentum in development, both in our country and around the world. According to deputies, it is possible to increase the share of generation of “green” energy within Ukraine from 4 to 25 percent only if there is a strong legislative base and full support for this area.

The interest of the authorities in the development of alternative energy is associated with the desire to keep up with foreign partners and with the political situation in the country.

Experts in the field of renewable energy forecast an increase in the share of renewable energy by 40 percent until 2040.

Such perspectives seem overwhelming to some skeptics, but the fact that this sphere is developing does not even deny it. Will the “green” energy of these indicators depend on a number of factors and it is difficult to predict them. One can not be denied – alternative energy is developing.

Since 2010, the price of equipment for renewable energy has decreased by a quarter compared with the current cost. It is worth noting that the cost reduction befell not only the equipment, but also the electricity generated by alternative stations.

Globally, the price of “green” energy generated by solar stations has decreased by 50 percent, and wind energy – by 25. Forecasts of specialists say that in the near future these figures will reach 60 and 30 percent, respectively.

The maximum share of renewable energy in the world falls on the capacity of Italy, Germany, China, the United States, Japan and India.

Ukraine at this stage can not boast a large percentage of renewable energy in the energy market. Within our country, these figures for 10 years increased from 2 percent to 4.

Solar energy has the greatest prospect in Ukraine. After the introduction in 2014 of new tariff rates for “green” energy, both domestic and foreign investors began to actively enter this sphere.

Last year, 257 megawatts was added to the total capacity within the country. According to experts, this figure is twice as much as in 2016 and 8 times higher than in 2015. Of the 257 megawatts added, 211 are derived from solar power plants.

With regard to wind capacity, the progress in development is noticeable here. The main obstacle to increasing the number of WECs is the payback period. In solar power plants, it is much smaller, because the main focus is on them.

The share of wind stations is also growing, though more slowly than solar ones. Last year, the Old Sambir-2 wind power plant was commissioned in the Lviv region. The capacity of this object is more than 20 megawatts. The construction of the station was funded by partners from Denmark.

On the territory of our country, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Luhansk, Zaporizhia and Dnipropetrovsk regions are suitable for installing wind capacities.

The use of biomass for electricity production also takes place in the energy sector of Ukraine. Agricultural waste in the country is enough to provide about six percent of annual energy consumption by biogas. Translated into specific numbers – it is 1.7 billion cubic meters of gas.

Legislation on renewable energy is slowing down the pace of development of alternative energy. Experts predict that by 2035 the share of “green” energy will increase to 25 percent.


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