Ukrenergo has announced support in the area of increasing the share of alternative energy


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The Ukrenergo handler Kovalchuk V. at the beginning of April this year during the thematic special event analyzed the chances of the inclusion of RES in the overall energy system of our country. The event itself took place on the territory of the national sport complex “Olimpiyskiy” and gathered approximately two hundred specialists of this branch, private entrepreneurs, representatives of the authorities and mass media.

Vsevolod Kovalchuk presented to the public analytical data according to which the rapid development of renewable energy in Ukraine may have some barriers. The Ukrenergo specialists conducted a number of preliminary research activities and analyzed various scenarios for introducing changes to the structure of electricity generation with a ten-year perspective. In addition, Ukrenergo representatives stated that they fully support the scenario of the development of events where alternative energy will develop at a very fast pace.

According to Mr. Kovalchuk, the Ukrainian power system can absorb only three thousand gigawatts of power from solar and wind power plants. Otherwise, there will be a risk of system unbalance, which entails a number of problems. At the same time, Ukrenergo has already issued technical conditions governing the integration of twice the largest capacity – 7,500 gigawatts. And this will be until 2025 inclusive.

The research work on the analysis of the chances of joining renewable energy sources to the general grid was conducted on the basis of the data obtained from the already functioning SES and WEP. Experts have taken into account indicators in the most suitable for this time of the year – the maximum in the winter, at least in the summer and in the event of flood.

The indicator of total capacity, which at this stage can be connected to the power system without losses, is three gigates, which, according to Ukrenergo experts, Ukraine will be able to achieve by the end of next year. If you take into account the fact that Ukrenergo actually gave the green light of the integration of capacities in the total amount of 7.5 gigawatts, then it will be necessary to build new power plants that will be fast and maneuverable. In addition, additional storage systems will be needed.

The company Ukrenergo, as the main conclusions of its analytical work, presented the following variants of the developments of the most positive way of action: commissioning 2.5 gigawatts of power with high maneuverability. Such a move will make it possible to prevent the growth of energy generation at thermal power plants and limit generation from renewable energy sources and nuclear power plants. Specialists also note that such an integration option will keep electricity tariffs up for users of different categories.

Based on the Ukrenergo report prepared by the company, it will be necessary to further develop a financial support plan for the construction of capacities that will be highly maneuverable. Moreover, this plan must be implemented in reality until the market of auxiliary services is fully formed.

In turn, the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine by the end of December this year should organize a tender for the development of these capacities. Experts preliminary estimate such a project at 55 billion hryvnia. The payback period will be 5-6 years.

Kovalchuk Vsevolod also said that such an action plan would enable consumers to save about 65 billion hryvnias a year. Saving in this case will occur by reducing the growth of the tariff on electricity, the cost of which is directly dependent on the composition of generating capacities.

Experts note that the most optimal solution will be the construction of power plants that will function on the gas-piston basis. Blocks at such stations need only ten minutes to reach maximum power. In addition, they include storage devices that quickly regulate deviations within 60 minutes. At this stage of the program realization there is a pilot project on the construction of a single system of accumulation of electricity in our country, which will function thanks to lithium storage.

If the project is successfully implemented, then it will be possible to increase the capacity of RES by 2025 to more than 7.5 gigawatts, by 2035 – up to 18 gigawatts.


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