Activists from Ukraine have launched a summer environmental flash mob, associated with the acquisition of useful habits


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In the first days of the New Year, activists from Ukraine launched an environmental flash mob, the essence of which is the acquisition of habits related to the environment.

According to the News of Poltava, the public organization “Ehkotava” was give the start of the flashmob “52 + 1 step of my ecoconscious life”.

The duration of the flash mob, whose main goal is to teach Ukrainians to think in the ecological direction, and also act accordingly, will be 52 weeks + one day, that is, exactly 1 year. The main idea includes the implementation of practical recommendations that can be obtain from activists’ posts on social networks Facebook and Instagram every week.

The recommendations will be in terms of smart use of natural resources, proper nutrition, consumption of organic products, and transition to ecological modes of transport. Particular attention will be pay to reducing waste, reusing resources and sorting garbage.

The organizers of the flash mob are ready to inform all participants about the current initiatives of different localities of Ukraine.

The public organization “Ehkotava” promises that anyone can take part in the flash mob, because the tasks will be easy and easy to implement, since they are specifically targeted at home conditions.

According to the organizers: “Garbage and waste should be used as a resource, not discarded. In addition, for this resource to be useful, it needs to be divided and sorted. This is how every citizen of Ukraine should act, starting from January 1 “.

During the next, next week flashmob, the organizers recommend choosing a place for waste – kitchen, balcony, garage, pantry. Citizens should collect garbage, waste paper, plastic bottles and lids, tin cans, as well as other metals, glass containers and cullet, sometimes tetrapak, polyethylene and hazardous materials (bulbs, electrical appliances) in specially designated packages and boxes. In addition, flashmob participants should tell everyone else about their actions on social networks pages in the comments along with photos, using a special hashtag # mіy_ekokrok.

Bottles made of plastic and glass; jars of different metals, organizers and activists flashmob recommend washing from the remaining food debris. In order to reduce the storage space for recycled materials, it is also recommend to maximally compressing tin cans and plastic bottles. According to the words of the public organization “EcoLtvava”: “Organic waste must be composted using special containers designed for fermenting waste from food, as well as instruments called vermicomposters that use worms. Special attention should be pay to batteries – they must be collected in a separate container and sent to special reception points. ”

“If we act on a daily basis, we can improve the ecological state of Ukraine,” said one of the organizers of flashmob, a member of the public organization Ehkotava, Nikolai Ryabika.

“We are turning to conscious Ukrainian activists to take part in the creation of new ecological habits and ecotraditions. Our organization is ready to help with advice, share information on the results and promote every citizen who in 2018 will switch to conscious use of resources and his actions every day will improve the ecological level of the country. ”

According to the promises of the organizers, the statistics and results of the flashmob will be publish monthly, and activists will receive special eco-prizes.

More details about the flashmob “52 + 1 step of my ecoconscious life” can found on the website of the NGO “Ehkotava”, as well as in social networks.


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