Hyundai Company presented a new off-road vehicle on hydrogen with a running reserve of 595 km


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The well-known auto company Нyundаі  presented the off-road vehicle NEXO, which works on hydrogen. It happened in the American city of Las Vegas at an exhibition dedicated to consumer electrical appliances and CES-2018 technology. According to the edition of Autogeek, the car is equipped with a modern system of driver’s assistance ADAS, which includes an automatic parking function and an assistant for assistance in the traffic lane.

According to the statement of the vice-president in the field of research and development of Нyundаі Motor Company, the company is already at the forefront of the use of hydrogen injection technologies in the automotive industry after the release of the Tuсsоn / іx35 FCEV off-road vehicle. “Despite this, I am happy to present the next child of our modern technologies – the hydrogen SUV NEXO, which is the representative of the second generation of this technology,” the vice president summed up.

In the appearance of the car, attention was paid to the lack of catchy details, linear cleanliness and a minimum of unnecessary elements. In addition to the characteristic grille, which in shape resembles an hourglass, the crossover is equipped with double headlamps of elongated shape. Inside the car is made as comfortable as possible for the driver and passengers. The instrument panel is connected to the touch screen on the main console. This is done so that the driver is always aware of the environment, without detaching himself from the driving process.

In comparison with the previous model of the company Thusson / ix35 FCEV, NEXO has a larger size. In the luggage compartment is a polymer lithium-ion battery, and in the rear compartment of the body – three hydrogen tanks. The power of the hybrid power plant SUV is 163 horsepower, and acceleration to 100 km / h is 9.5 seconds. In connection with the use of advanced technologies, there was an increase in the power reserve by 169 km – now it reaches 595 km.

Also in the car will introduce a system that tracks and finds objects in the so-called “blind moves” – BlіndSrot Vіеw Mоnіtоr. On the sides of the SUV will be installed special wide-angle cameras, which will play back to the main console the current image.

Another innovation is the use of technology assistant in the lane Fоllоwіng Аssіst, thanks to which the SUV can automatically stay in the middle of the road, even at a speed of 145 km / h. It is worth noting that the developers did not forget about autonomous parking using the system Remote SmarT Rakkіng Аssіst.

The new Нyundаі NEXO will not be available until the first half of 2018.


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