Agrovoltaika will allow to increase the yield with the help of photovoltaic modules


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Agrovoltaika is a relatively new field of agricultural activity. It involves the use of solar panels for agriculture. Installation of modules on arable land makes it possible to organize an irrigation system that has autonomous control. This approach allows you to increase the yield by more than half.

The use of solar energy for the power supply of individual dwellings or street lighting is not new for the citizens of Ukraine for a long time. But as for agrovoltaiki, this direction is still a real wonder with us. This area of ​​activity involves intensive farming, which is very important for Ukraine.

The world practice of using the principles of agrovoltaika dates back to the 80s. It was then that the double use of arable land to generate electricity and grow crops became relevant. Pilot projects for the installation of photovoltaic modules on farm lands were implemented by the Japanese in 2004. At this stage, the field of activity, located at the intersection of alternative energy and agronomy, is gaining momentum in Asia, Italy and Germany.

 Benefits of Agrovoltaic

A group of researchers from Italy came to the conclusion that the increase in the level of the harvest on one of the farms in the suburb of Piacenza was caused by the shading of part of the arable land. This shadow arises from the photovoltaic modules located there. The National Institute for Agricultural Research in France conducted a series of studies on this issue. The conclusion was the same as that of the Italian scientists.

French researchers have chosen a farm in the south of the country as the test object. Installation of solar panels was carried out at a height of 4 meters. The purpose of the study was to determine the optimal shading from the panels, which contributes to higher yields. As it turned out in the process of testing, most of the vegetables and berries give a much greater yield in penumbra conditions. Scientists also noted that 50% shading makes soil evaporation 15-30% lower.

 The advantages of photovoltaic farms include the ability to produce electricity in amounts that exceed the needs of the household / farm. On the territory of Italy were placed 3 pilot projects on agrovoltaika on individual farms. In total, these complexes provided 6.65 megawatts of energy. About 30 percent of this amount of electricity can satisfy the energy needs of nearby facilities. Scientists from China, the United States and India also experimentally confirmed the profitability of photovoltaic modules located on arable land.

Does agrovoltaika have prospects in Ukraine?

At first glance, a system that increases yields and provides the possibility of autonomous water and energy supply is optimal for Ukraine. Only the embodiment of this idea into reality in our country has a number of obstacles. The current legislation of our country prohibits the placement of generating equipment on agricultural land. Such solar parks will not be able to connect to the “green” tariff.

If Ukraine adopted a law on simplifying the process of land acquisition for the purpose of installing energy facilities, this would greatly simplify the situation. The Verkhovna Rada has already considered a similar bill, but the decision in its favor was not taken.

It is worth noting that the development of agrovoltaics in Ukraine is confronted not only by officials, but also by the farmers themselves, who are very reluctant to accept any changes. Agrarians are accustomed to working according to a certain scheme, fixed for years of work, and they do not agree to retreat from it. Most earns on the sale of rapeseed – this is a quick way to enrich. Only progress will not stop. The rapid growth of the population of the planet dictates new conditions. The land should be used as productively as possible to increase yields, and the use of solar panels will allow to supply electricity, both the farm itself and nearby houses.


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