Tropics in Reykjavik – glass biopulms are planned, and in them attractions for tourists and exotic plant crops


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The Icelandic architect decided to make his life more pleasant on the island, and at the same time intensify local tourism. In Reykjavik, it is planned to create glass bioflocks heated by geothermal energy.

Winter in Iceland dominates 9 months of the year. This, as noted by Bloomberg, significantly affects the wider use of antidepressants among the inhabitants of the island and further hinders the cultivation of vegetables and fruits. However, among the advantages of the natural environment of Iceland is a large amount of free land and geothermal energy lying under the surface of the island.

These are the benefits that Hyordis Sigurdardottir, the chief architect of Spor and Sandinn ehf, wants to use. He wants to build three glass domes, the largest of which should reach the size of a football field and will have a total of 6 floors above and below ground. The creator of the project called ALDIN inspired, among other things, the creation of the Gardens by the Bay complex, which is a network of modern greenhouses and coastal parks in Singapore.

WilkinsonEyre, an architectural company that designed Gardens by the Bay, is also one of the investors in the ALDIN project. The other is Arion, one of the largest Icelandic banks. The Hjordis Sigurdardottira project is expected to cost $ 37 million.

Glass biocomposites will be used to grow bananas and other exotic products, as well as to recreate a Mediterranean resort near the Arctic. Located in a park in Reykjavik Aldine will occupy an area of ​​4, 5 thousand square meters. The complex will be divided into three zones with different climates and areas of application. The smallest part, called the agricultural laboratory, will be open to visitors. The other two will be used as tropical and Mediterranean resorts, ready for business meetings and events.

According to Bloomberg, the creator of ALDIN does not hide that he is counting on profits from tourism. The business plan of Sigurdardottira assumes that biopulations should reach 300-400 thousand visitors annually. By comparison, Iceland’s most famous tourist attraction, the Blue Lagoon, attracts 1.3 million tourists a year. The opening of the ALDIN complex was scheduled for 2021.

Recall that in late March, cheap Icelandic airline WOW Air decided to suspend operations, which will affect the tourism capital of the island. Since 2011, the plane of the Icelandic carrier took off from the main airport of Reykjavik to the United States and Europe, including summer in Poland. The main carrier of the islanders, Icelandair, did not decide to buy the failed WOW Air airline.


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