Australian energy problems can be solved by Ilon Mask


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The beginning of 2017 has become difficult for Australia. In the state of South Australia has occurred several accidents at power assets, which led to the power cut of large industrial plants for two weeks. Two-week power cut cost businesses a lot of money.
Ilon Mask, the head of the world-famous Tesla Corporation, made a very favorable offer to the Australian authorities. He claims that he can solve all Australian problems related to energy. Ilon Mask suggested assembling an electric battery priced at $25 million. Assembling time is 100 days. If the company of Ilon Mask infringe terms, the battery will be mounted and delivered completely free of charge.
It is interesting to note that Tesla Corporation recently has released latest solution to the Australian market – Powerwall 2. It is a lithium-ion battery that can save energy for further use in everyday life and alternate power. Such products help to make a step forward in solving Australian problems related to energy.


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