It’s no secret that alternative energy is not to come cheap. But if we say that you can install in your home wind turbine at the price of iPhone, do you believe us?! You may say that it is impossible, but the two brothers from Kerala (India) could prove otherwise. Anoop and Arun George are founded a startup called Avant Garde Innovations, whose main specialty is the production of wind turbines for private households. The cost of a wind turbine is 750 dollars, and capacity is 3 kWh. The turbine is small and resembles an ordinary ventilator that is mounted to the ceiling.

Anoop and Arun George looks for ways of poverty reduction not only in their own country but also worldwide. Thus, about one billion people worldwide do not use the available energy.

Brother`s home wind turbine can generate completely free electricity over twenty years.
Indian development is recognized worldwide and makes the list of twenty of the best developments in clean energy within Cleantech (Global Program). In addition, the UN has included Indian startup directory to the investment clean energy and the size of the fund was 1 billion dollars. Recognition is an invitation to the 7th conference on clean energy, which takes place in Silicon Valley.


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