Autonomous houses on the water – a project of the Dutch company


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The + 31Architects company from Holland, successfully working in the field of architecture, has created a prototype of a new house. Autonomous housing is able to receive energy from solar panels, fully satisfying their energy needs. The feasible assistance in the implementation of this project to the Dutch engineers is provided by a company from Germany. Such an international scientific tandem of the two companies should provide the first prototypes of houses until the end of this year.

It is planned to release two versions of autonomous houses. They will be named Waterloft and Naturecruiser. Versions will differ only in the presence of the motor. Such a functional feature will allow an autonomous house to move along rivers and lakes.

According to representatives of both companies, autonomous floating houses are in great demand and will surely find their niche in the global market for alternative technologies. Living in such a house, you can travel on water without leaving the walls of the home. It should be noted that the autonomous house will be able to moor freely at the berths. This will allow the owners of such a home without a problem to stop at the marinas and ports, traveling by the nearest waterways.

The author and ideological inspirer of the project, Jorrit Hauert, says that autonomous houses owe their appearance to his long-time dream of living on water. This was the impetus for the development of high-tech houseboat. In the company of his fellow engineers, the author of the project managed to design a ship with the appearance of a traditional ground dwelling.

The developers have already developed the concept of a new house, which has a streamlined facade and rounded bends. In addition, such a dwelling will have an aluminum housing, which will significantly increase its reliability and service life. Inside the new house will have a finish of wood. Photovoltaic modules will be placed on the roof of the house. Solar collectors will be located there. This equipment will provide a sufficient amount of electricity and heat the water. Thus, the owners of floating houses will fully travel by water without any hardships in matters of comfort.

The internal space of the autonomous floating house will be equipped with the latest interior fashion. The creators of the first models of water houses are equipped with electric motors that will provide movement. New conceptual models are planned to be equipped with hydrogen engines. The water supply on board such a ship-home is provided by the water outside. The work of sewage in the house is provided similarly. Before use, the seawater is filtered by a special cleaning system, after which it becomes suitable for use.

The creators of the houseboat stated that only environmentally friendly materials would be used for interior decoration. The main component will be natural wood. Styrofoam and mineral wool used to decorate traditional dwellings will not be used to create autonomous homes.

The Naturecruiser model is designed for eight permanent residents. The length of such a house is 15 meters. During parking, it can accommodate up to 16 people. Model Waterloft has a length of 24 meters. Such a house can easily accommodate 25 permanent residents for 50 guests during the stay. The living space of autonomous housing, depending on the model, varies from 50-125 square meters.

The cost of an autonomous house – 535 thousand euros for the Naturecruiser model and 899 thousand euros for the Waterloft.


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