New record of Ukrainian renewable energy


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On the territory of Ukraine, more alternative capacities have been installed in one quarter than in the whole of last year. During the three months of 2019, experts recorded the commissioning of 862 megawatts of new capacity in the field of renewable energy. It is worth noting that last year 848 megawatts earned in 12 months.

Experts in the field of alternative energy point out that the domestic energy market will be replenished with 730 million euros of investment after such an amazing leap.

During the first quarter of 2019, it was commissioned:

– 684 megawatts of solar power;

– 173 megawatts of wind power stations;

– 5 megawatts of additional capacity from biogas plants;

– 0.1 megawatts of small hydropower plants.

According to statistics, over the past five years in Ukraine, 2,200 megawatts of capacity were put into operation. Financial investments in the implementation of projects in the field of alternative energy amounted to 2 billion euros.

Regular inflow of large amounts of investment allows renewable energy in our country to develop at an accelerated pace. In addition, funding from European companies has a positive effect on the country’s economy as a whole.

It should be noted that home SES in our country significantly replenish this energy niche. The results summed up by the State Energy Efficiency in 2018 showed that 7,500 households acquired solar power plants. The total capacity of these stations was 160 megawatts. Over the past year, the total number of household SES increased by 4,500. Compared with 2017, this figure is two times higher. In 2017, 1901 private solar stations were commissioned.

Investments of Ukrainians, who decided to install a solar power plant on the territory of their household, amounted to about 151 million euros in total.

Rating of regions of Ukraine on the installation of home SES:

1st place – Dnipropetrovsk region. It installed 882 stations.

2nd place – Kiev region. The number of home solar stations was 838.

3rd place – Ternopil region with the number of 664 stations.

4th place goes to Ivano-Frankivsk region. There were 484 home SES installed.

5th place was taken by Kirovograd region. There appeared 469 new solar stations of private order.

According to experts in the field of renewable energy, such popularity of household SES is directly related to the Law No. 514, which the Verkhovna Rada adopted in 2015. This legislative document has opened the following possibilities:

– Ukrainians can install solar stations with a capacity of up to 30 kilowatts and sell surplus generated electricity to the state (this is possible due to the established “green” tariff);

– individual houses, where SES are installed, significantly save on utility bills (first of all it concerns electricity);

– The market for solar panels is growing rapidly;

– there is a need for the emergence of production capacity for the manufacture of solar equipment (additional jobs).

State Energy Efficiency said that the development of small solar energy will not stop there. A new law is prepared, which regulates the installation of solar stations with a capacity of up to 50 kilowatts on the territory of private houses. At the moment, the bill is under consideration by Parliament.


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