California made cheap zinc-based batteries


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NantEnergy has been developing low-cost energy storage batteries for a long time. At this stage, the development of zinc batteries has been completed, which, according to their creators, are among the cheapest. These batteries are rechargeable, making their performance indicators high and the price relatively low.

The process of creating these batteries took place over 6 years. Scientists have worked in 9 countries. The batteries of the company NantEnergy as a result of the painstaking work of engineers were able to reach the threshold of $ 100 per 1 kW-hour. This cost is 4 times lower than that of lithium-ion energy storage devices, which are now at the peak of their popularity.

The scope of lithium-ion batteries is very wide – ranging from budget mobile phones and ending with high-tech electric vehicles. Scientists around the world have been working for years to find new ways to store energy. Cheaper technology to save energy from alternative sources will make a big step on the path to energy independence on a global scale. That is why successful attempts to create innovations in this area attract the attention of the scientific community to themselves.

New technology company NantEnergy based on the use of zinc oxide. According to the head of the company, Patrick Soon-Shiong, his team has managed to create a completely new device, which in the long term can create radically new economies based on renewable energy sources.

During the development and testing of zinc batteries, a group of scientists of the company worked in nine countries. In addition, to test the development, more than a hundred localities were involved, in which photovoltaic modules and zinc accumulators were placed. According to the results of testing, the creators of zinc batteries stated that their energy storage systems throughout the entire test period were able to ensure the uninterrupted operation of cellular towers. It is worth noting that zinc-based accumulators were installed in remote areas where there was no connection to the general energy network.

A statement about the success of technology testing was made last fall at the international One Planet summit. This event was organized in honor of the fulfillment of the terms of the climate agreement by European countries.

Investment support for the development of zinc batteries was provided by the World Bank. NantEnergy received 5 million dollars for the development of innovative technology. Zinc batteries have already received more than 100 patents. The manufacturing company begins to actively bring innovation to the world market.

It should be noted that the company is currently taking orders for the current year. According to preliminary estimates, for the year the technology is able to bring about 50 billion dollars to the creators. Zinc batteries can be used in many manufacturing areas and not only. Experts say that the low price of such energy storage devices will make them popular for home energy storage in private SES and WES.

The creators of new zinc batteries focus on their low price for a reason. For comparison: lithium-ion drives have a price of about 300-400 dollars per 1 kW-hour, while zinc batteries have a cost of $ 100 with the same performance. As a disadvantage, innovation is characterized by its dimensions – a serial zinc battery in size corresponds to a small portfolio. The battery is charged by transforming zinc oxide to zinc and O2. The battery is discharged by oxidation of zinc. During testing, the zinc battery ensured the operation of the cell tower for 3 days without interruption.


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