Surl Generator


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Inventor John Searl is known to the wider scientific community for his invention, the Searl Generator. This magnetic device consists of one or more rings (disks) and a certain number of rollers having the shape of a cylinder. While driving, this whole structure generates electricity.

This invention is an entirely magnetic device. The generator has its own engine, which is independently driven and continues to work completely independently. Scientists say that this generator is able to never stop working. It is worth noting that no auxiliary energy sources for the movement of the device is required.

The principle of the Searl generator: when moving magnetic elements, the electron flow accelerates to a very high speed and this creates a vacuum around the device. In this vacuum, an area with a very low temperature appears. Today it is widely known that low temperature is a prerequisite for the appearance of superconductivity.

In addition, scientists say that in such conditions, anti-gravity occurs. As the rollers fill the coils with energy, they push the photons out. They can be seen encased in a magnetic field around a coil.

The Searl effect is a special effect of magnetism. It is based on magnetic fields. These fields push the magnetic rollers for continuous rotation around the magnetic disks. The device makes absolutely no noise during the generation of electricity. In addition, there is no heat and any vibration.

The Searl generator is valuable because with high efficiency it produces absolutely no environmental pollution and is completely safe.

The inventor himself claims that he owes the creation of a mechanism to the voice that came to him in a dream. But he could not just take and apply the algorithms dictated during sleep. He needed to test and live it all, to process the information.

There is the concept of “Searle squares”. Each such square contains a number. These numbers indicate the specific number of parts in a particular sector of the generator. The main idea of ​​the inventor was to create such a simple energy generator that everyone could make it.

All electric generators in their work are based on magnets and coils. The Searl generator also includes both elements. The passage of a magnet past a coil causes a curvature of the electron flow in a certain direction. After that, John Searle attached a lead plate to the bottom of the generator, his device took off. The thing is that a powerful stream of electrons moved down, thereby creating an overload.

The basic components of the generator are rare earth elements. Scientists say that any rare-earth element can be used as a base material, but they use neodymium. The choice of this element is fully justified by the excess electrons in it and the possibility of quickly compensating for their loss. John Searle said that to generate electricity, it is necessary to move either a magnetic field or conductors. The work of its generator is based precisely on the movement of magnetic fields. The device he created can generate large amounts of electricity with minimal investment.


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