In the near future, energy storage facilities can be installed in Ukraine


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Unstable generation of electricity at SES and WPPs in our country can be leveled due to the commissioning of new capacities (about 500 megawatts), Ukrenergo said. Currently, a project called “energy storage” is under development, which implies an additional 200 megawatts of energy for the country.

The total capacity of renewable energy sources on the energy map of Ukraine already by the fall of last year crossed the border of 1.8 gigawatts. It should be noted that SES occupy leading positions in the generation of “green” energy – their contribution is more than 800 megawatts of energy. The smallest amount of energy recorded from biogas stations (26 megawatts) and small hydropower plants (about 93 megawatts). Wind stations, in turn, provide about 437 megawatts.

Solar and wind power plants are characterized by instability of energy generation during the day. It should be noted that the amount of electricity consumed at different hours of the day is also unstable. To level these features, the maneuverable capacities of high-power power stations are used. This allows you to keep a constant voltage in the common network.

On the territory of Ukraine, the maneuverable capacity of hydroelectric power plants is aimed at stabilizing the voltage from nuclear power plants. The fact is that a nuclear reactor stably supplies a certain amount of energy to the network. It cannot be paused and restarted. Since network consumption varies throughout the day, HPPs are designed to smooth out fluctuations by means of maneuverable power. The growing share of electricity from renewable sources requires new maneuvering capacity.

The head of Ukrenergo last spring announced the need to build 2.5 gigawatts of maneuvering capacity. This will help to balance the unstable operation of five additional gigawatts of energy, which are planned to be obtained from renewable energy sources by 2025. At this stage, most of the technical conditions for maneuvering capacities – about 7.4 gigawatts – have already been completed. It is worth noting that the share of alternative energy in Ukraine is continuously increasing. The country’s energy system can sustain only 3 gigawatts without losing the balance.

Maintaining the balance of the system is possible due to the operational development of new KW or the return to the network of previously stored energy. The question of the choice between these options is now puzzled by a good half of the civilized world. Operational power generation is possible through the use of gas piston turbines. For their work requires a considerable amount of blue fuel. The cost of servicing such an installation will directly depend on the price of gas. Gas reciprocating turbines will cost 500-1000 euros per 1 kW.

Another way to level the differences in the network – energy storage. The most popular lithium-ion batteries. They do not require additional maintenance in the form of fuel. At the peak of energy consumption, they give out the surplus accumulated during the day, and in the morning and in the afternoon they are charged again. Their cost ranges from 750-1200 euros per 1 kW.

In terms of our country for the introduction of maneuverable capacity, 2 gigawatts are indicated for gas piston turbines and only 500 megawatts for batteries. The government is ready to spend 55 billion hryvnia on this project and raise the price of electricity by 49%. This project will not require any restrictions on generation. An increase in the share of drives in this planning would reduce the total budget by several times and reduce the pressure on consumers and the rise in prices. But in our country they are not accustomed to rely on expediency. They also do not want to refuse excessive consumption of gas.


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