A subsidiary company of Google Holding is actively promoting geothermal systems and allows you to get cheap energy


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Dandelion, which is part of Google’s holding, has managed to attract investments of almost $ 4.5 million. These funds are necessary to expand the geography of their activities in New York. Receiving such large financing is only one of the stages in which the company is promoting geothermal systems. Representatives of the company said that heat pumps are the most efficient and cheap alternative to conventional cooling or heating systems in private households that use fossil fuels as an energy source.

According to the co-founder of the company, at this stage they have accumulated a huge number of orders from the owners of households. People from different states seek to get a geothermal system for heating or cooling their homes, because it provides a comfortable temperature for mere pennies. Attracting more than $ 4 million by the company is a necessary measure to expand the company’s capabilities. Only thanks to funding, the Dandelion team will be able to fulfill all requests for the installation of heat pumps and introduce fundamentally new solutions for the alternative energy market.

Dandelion’s investors included world-renowned firms that are also active in the field of alternative energy. Such joint work makes it possible to increase the share of geothermal energy sources on the energy map of the world. It is worth noting that Opower, ZhenFund, Borealis Ventures and others have not only invested in the promotion of heat pumps by a subsidiary of Google, but also take an active part in the process itself. Representatives of these companies are on the board of the new team.

Attracting large investments was possible after the development of a number of innovative solutions, which reduced the financial costs of heating / cooling a house by almost 50%. Representatives of Dandelion produce drilling and installation of plastic pipes at a depth of 100-150 m. This is due to the fact that at this depth the temperature remains almost unchanged throughout the year and is about 10 degrees Celsius.

On the surface of the earth, specialists have a special pump. It allows the coolant to circulate properly. The pipes of the system have the shape of the letter U, and the heat exchanger itself can function equally well for both heating and cooling. The heat pump is controlled by the Nest thermostat. In winter, the system provides a comfortable temperature due to thermal energy from the ground. Sometimes the system uses electricity as an auxiliary source of energy. In the warm season, thanks to the reversal of this process, the room is cooled.

Such a system is ultimately financially beneficial, especially if the household is impressive. Heating large homes with fossil fuels is more expensive and more problematic. Cooling with traditional air conditioning requires a large amount of electricity.

One of the developers of this technology is Daniel Yates. The engineer said that in the next decade, homeowners from different parts of the United States would switch to geothermal energy for the most part. The Dandelion team has managed to reduce the cost of a geothermal system to 5 thousand dollars. This became possible after the introduction of high-efficiency heat pumps and the use of special drilling systems.


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