Water from the air for residents of the Arab Emirates with the hands of Ukrainians


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Firm Innovation development agency (IDA), despite a fairly young age (4 years), makes water from the air in Dubai. This became possible thanks to a special installation, which the company has installed in the UAE and successfully operates. In the near future, the company plans to install another water generation system.

The owner of the company, Alexey Prikhodko, began his work on accessories for portable devices. He was engaged in importing technical goods from China. After some time, Alexey began developing his own brand. His company was established in 2015. It was originally planned that Alexey together with his team of specialists will be engaged in the design of consumer small electronics.

Two years later, Alexei Prikhodko and his company’s development team collected $ 125,000 on the Kickstarter platform. They created a smart holder for smartphones on a magnet. Planned sale of this device in the United States. But the project did not collect the required number of orders due to the increased cost of the goods, although it can be considered successful. The production of holders has been launched and is still working. After this project, IDA divided. Part of the team remained in the US and engaged in the implementation of the holders, and the second part – began active work on the development of technology for extracting water from the air.

To start developing a new technology, specialists should find a problem that they will solve with their device. There was no such acute problem on the territory of Ukraine, so Alexei Prikhodko and his team began to focus on the East. The problem was found in the territory of the United Arab Emirates. There, the problem of extracting water is as acute as possible and generous financing of the authorities is allocated to eliminate this problem.

The contract with representatives of the UAE was concluded in July last year. It is worth noting that all the agreements were established in April, but due to the authorities’ hitch, they had to move the dates. Due to the haste, Alexey and his team could not complete the project to the full extent and, as a result, did not invest in the budget. This resulted in additional expenses that Alexei Prikhodko had to assume. As a result, the project was delivered on time and the customers’ expectations were fully met.

IDA’s technology is a four-meter-high object. The design is shaped like a huge mushroom. Installation can be placed anywhere in the world where there are problems with water. It does not require an electrical connection. The roof of the mushroom has a size of 6 * 3m. There are installed photovoltaic modules for generating electricity. The interior of the facility is filled with thousands of plants and accommodates an energy storage system.

The object allows to generate about 200 liters of water per day. Water is further purified and mineralized. The amount of water produced by the system is enough for cleaning the surface of solar modules and for watering plants. Leftover water is provided to passersby. Water is potable. In addition, the system uses a portion of the water to create a cool mist.

A device for generating water was named Smart Oasis. The initial idea of ​​the designers did not look like the final version. Due to the tight deadlines and insufficient budget creators had to simplify the system somewhat. The effectiveness of this did not become lower.

It should be noted that in the UAE very seriously approach the issues of providing the population with water. 500 million dollars was allocated from the budget for the construction of a special reservoir for fresh water. And this is only one of the hundreds of existing and planned objects for the future.


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