Energy independence: 97.14% of the electricity in Costa Rica – alternative


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During the first three months of the year, Costa Rica has been able hold 97.14 percent of energy power from renewable energy sources, reported today Costa Rican Institute of Electrification (ICE).

According to the National Energy Management Center, 65.62 percent of electricity is generated by hydroelectric power plants, 15.60% – windmills, 13.70 percent – geothermal energy, 2.2% – biomass, 0.02% – solar energy.

In addition to electricity production in the country from these five sources, use of fossil fuels is regarded as a last resort backup and power generation.

“The strategic location of our reservoirs allows us to capture the greatest amount of precipitation in mountainous areas, especially those that are filled with rain of Caribbean” – said Carlos Manuel Obregon, CEO of ICE.


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