Doors are capable of producing electricity


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In everyday life, people often don’t notice what can be useful not only in it usual form. This example relates to the doors, producing electricity. How does this happen?

Many households no doubt dreaming reduce their electricity costs. Of course, this can be achieved in various ways, but would like to see no harm to business and environment were not at the same time suffered. The unexpected decision is conventional doors. Passing through them, a person can become a reason for the creation of energy. It is not necessary, many times and often go through the doorway. For example, it can work effectively this principle, when it comes about shopping malls, where walking is not one person, and the crowd. It is for these spaces there is the plan to install the door, which made electricity.

Author of technology Revolution Door – «Fluxxlab». The principle of operation of the interior of an object is quite simple: the output is built into the device, and will convert the kinetic energy into electrical energy. If you place the door in areas with high traffic, then we can hope for that the output decent savings will be obtained.

Thus, the various nuclear power plants, thermal and oil gradually replaced by more environmentally friendly facilities, as without electricity people could not survive in the modern world.


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