In 2015, employment in the renewable energy sector reached 8.1 million people


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According to the most recent report of the International Agency of Renewable Energy (IRENA) in the global sector of renewable energy of employment last year reached 8.1 million people (excluding hydropower sector, where there are employed about 1.3 million people). This increase by 5% the previous year. The report on employment in the sector of renewable energy last year was published in IRENA on the occasion of the 11th meeting of the Soviet of the organization.

As says the director of IRENA, Adnan S. Anin “Continuous growth of employment in renewable significant sector as standing in opposition to the work market in the whole energy sector. The increase in the employment level in this area is associated with the means of technologies related to renewable energy sources and contributing to the policy states, which supports renewable energy technology.

We expect that this trend will be maintained for a long time, together with the strengthening of renewable sources in the markets due to the way an attempt to achieve the goals identified in Paris.”

As we read in the report the number of jobsites in the energy sector in the last year it has fallen in comparison with the year 2014, but the number of jobsites in the renewable energy sector has grown. For example, in the United States, employment growth in the renewable energy sector amounted to 6 simultaneous decline in the sector, which associated with the combustion of fossil (oil and gas) fuel was 18. A similar situation is observed in China – in the renewable energy sector brought to the 3.5 million new workers, and in petrochemical sector is only 2.6 million.

In that one, which concludes 2015 report, we read that the highest growth dynamics in the solar energy sector in comparison with previous years was observed in Japan and the United States. Chinese market despite the increase indicates a certain stabilization in turn. European labor market in the solar energy sector demonstrates once again the decline of employment. To wind it was, however, a record year. Contributed to this especially China, showing a record growth in this segment.

As in previous years, programs that provide support for renewable energy are the key to increasing employment in these sectors. Shares of RES support in India, Brazil, the tax incentives in the United States and a number of support programs in Asia – they all contribute to the increase in the number of people, who working in this sector.

Countries in which employment in the renewable energy sector in 2015 was the largest, are China, Brazil, USA, India, Japan and Germany. Of all the renewable energy market sectors more employment we can observe on enterprises related to solar energy, which employed 2.8 million people (2.5 million in 2014). These data summarize the persons, who employed in the manufacture, installation and monitoring of solar energy systems.

Others, in turn, is a sector of the biofuel industry, which have 1700000 employed people. In third place of ranking is the employment in the wind energy sector.

“Despite the changes in the energy market, employment in the field of renewable energy remains at a high level,” concludes Adnan Amin. Conducted “analyzes IRENA allow us to estimate that up to the year 2030 renewable energy percentage in the global energy mix will double, enabling the full realization of the goals set for the protection of climate change This development transfers to the creation of many new jobsites in the renewable energy sector – To 2030 year must be with them more than 24 million “as delivers the director of IRENA.


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