Electromobile trends in Ukraine: from Monaco to Vinnitsa


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Cars which run on fuel, not only become expensive for everyday use. Primarily, they pollute the environment. Population of Ukrainian megacities particularly vulnerable of gas-polluted state of air. Maybe it’s time to switch to ecological forms of transport?

The first Ukrainian prototype of electromobile Synchronous

The Principality of Monaco is actively trying support a variety of energy-saving initiatives. In May, there was a powerful event – international forum-conference on renewable energy and the use of ecological modes of transport. Our Ukrainian researchers are also actively preparing for the event. In Monaco, they introduced the first home prototype of electromobile Synchronous.

The author of the project is Electric Marathon International. The company annually organizes rally on cars, which running on power. Developers have created a concept prototype of electric cart. Model of electric car, called Synchronous, became a special and innovative solutions in the world electric cart. Auto has an attractive appearance – bright body and panoramic tinted glass, a comfortable lounge with eco-materials. Synchronous can become a key symbol of the new era of passenger traffic in our country.

Car has an innovative engine, powered with solar energy of panels, built on the car roof. For cities and towns, where many tourists travel every year – it’s a good idea to provide tour services in such an unusual and convenient for review auto area. Synchronous can act as taxi and shuttle for hotel complexes.

The success of the Vinnitsa students

Students of Higher Professional College №11 in the Vinnitsa have altered the car “Tavria”, which runs on fuel, to the “green” cars.

Electric car for the first time presented at the regional exhibition of technical creativity “Creative Youth Vinnitsa” at the end of May. According to the idea of ​​the developers, they wanted to show that the electric car can successfully independently move. This is true for vinnichan, it is well known that the city has been working for about five charging stations for vehicles that run on electricity. Mechanical engineer of the college Korolenko Irina also told that it would take almost a year for this retooling of “Tavria” to make it work on the electric motor and lithium-ion battery.


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