The biggest solar farm built in South America


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On 140 acres of unused land on Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., 70,000 solar panels are part of a solar photovoltaic array that will generate 15 megawatts of solar power for the base. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Nadine Y. Barclay)

In Chile, was built the largest in the Americas solar farm, capacity is 160 MW. Soon, this achievement may improve following huge farms that are being built in Chile, as well as in other countries of the region.

The largest solar farm in Chile’s region built Antofagasta. The investment called Finis Terrae realized Italian energy group Enel brokered by their local union Enel Green Power Chile. The investment was worth 270 million USD.

Chile – is one of the most heated by the sun place in the world, and in additional benefits gives comparatively large height. The same impression is made and served by Enel forecast of annual energy production. Finis Terrae farm should produces 400 GWh of electricity per year, which corresponds to needs of the nearly 200 thousand Chilean households.

How the Union Enel submit in message, energy of this solar farm be sold to the network on the basis of long-term agreement PPA.

Enel already owns renewable energy with a total capacity of about 880 MW in Chile, of which 364 MW – a wind farm of 430 MW – a solar farm and 92 MW – is hydroelectric. In the process of implementation are projects with a potential of 300 MW. Among them is the first project on the continent, a geothermal power plant, whose capacity will reach 48 MW.

The boom on solar energy in Chile should soon lead to the construction of more large farms. The following year, a power plant with a capacity of 196 MW wants to put into operation in this country Spanish Acciona. The farm is located on an area of ​​280 hectares, should cost 343 million dollars.

The market of solar energy in Chile for several years goes through a period of rapid development. Policy of the Chilean government contributes to this, which is renewable sees a chance solve the energy problems of the country, with insufficient production forces, as well as underdeveloped transfer network.

A similar trend picks in the end the authorities of other countries in the region – Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. The Argentine government announced the auction company, in which will bring together developers of renewable energy. By sharing in the auction, scheduled for September this year, has the potential to 1 GW. The government in Buenos Aires estimates the price of an investment of 2 billion. US dollars.

Purposefully Argentina wants to have until the year 2025 the potential for 10 GW, where 3 GW should be the subject of the auction in the next two years.


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