Excellent alternative to aluminum and metal:high-quality innovative fasteners for solar panels, made of composite material


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крепление для солнечных панелей из композита

Our history began two years ago, when we decided to extend the life of solar panels and also facilitate the process of their installation. The first thing that occurred to us was to replace the standard metal with a composite material. “Let`s go!” – and we set to work. 

The last days of 2018. Our first attempts. 

You may be wondering why we chose this material and what it consists. 

Composite material is mix of different types of plastic (for example, first plastic and second plastic). Second plastic is plastic garbage against which the whole world is at war. Chemical composition also has different impurities which make its technical characteristics better. The composite material is resistant to anything: it easily tolerates any temperatures and practically does not respond to any external irritants. 

Nowadays our fasteners have such characteristics:

  • fasteners with composite material are more easy than alternative variants;
  • nuts and washers don’t need to be attached to bolts; 
  • composite material doesn`t perceive corrosion; 
  • high level of protect;
  • Long-lasting, which can serve more than 100 years;
  • material doesn`t deteriorate during intense loads;
  • client can select any color scheme;
  • this material is water resistant, so, it can easily be installed in a place with a high level of moisture. 

Our production is modern fasteners for solar energy which can be used as facade mounts or ground structures. Composite fasteners also can be used for building of different innovation boundaries, pavilions and carports. 

All of our production have a certificate, so high product quality is guaranteed.

Our contacts: https://rs-project.org. Phone number: +380970800800


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