Profitability of solar panels in 2019 and 2020. Law and tariffs.


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Дохідність сонячної батареї по зеленому тарифу

Small power plants will help to save even more, but bring less profit.

Small SPPs on the ground can sell electricity

As you know, in April 2019, a law on green energy reform was adopted. It is the result of the painstaking work of representatives of the industry and the legislation of Ukraine. A particularly hot topic was the appearance of the amendment banning the sale of electricity at the “green tariff”, which was produced by power plants installed on the ground.

The law provided for the possibility of installing small solar power stations exclusively on the roofs of buildings. Thus, hundreds of small power plants with a capacity of up to 30 kW lost a large part of their income, so as to inflict a big blow not only on them, but also on producers, importers and the entire alternative energy industry. The revision was canceled and the law was finally signed on August 6. As a result, the owners of SPPs installed on the ground can sell electricity to the grid with “green tariff”.

How much can an SPPs get?

Also, the law regulates the fluctuations of the “green tariff” when the euro exchange rate changes and the level of the “green tariff” for renewable energy power plants with a capacity of up to 150 kW is regulated.

By 2020, from January 1, the green tariff will decrease for SES from 554.26 kopecks / kW · h to 498.17 kopecks / kW · h excluding VAT. And from January 1, 2025, the price of the sold kilowatt will be 443.74 kopecks / kWh without VAT. For wind farms, the tariff will be 320.02 kopecks / kWh, and from January 1, 2025 285.38 kopecks / kWh without VAT. Now sold a kilowatt produced by a windmill costs 356.31 kopecks / kWh without VAT.

Electricity Tariffs

The next 2020 will also be the year of raising electricity tariffs. For citizens, the tariff is fixed in law. When consuming 100 kW * h, you only have to pay 0.90 UAH per kW * h and 1.68 UAH per kW * h for consumption of more than 100 kW * h. At the same time, enterprises could pay a price of more than 3 UAH per kW * h.

Possible increase in tariffs by 90% for the population

Starting January 1, 2020, DTEK proposed increasing tariffs for the population by 86.7% to 1.68 UAH / kW * h for consumption up to 100 kW * h and up to 2.88 UAH / kW * h for consumption over 100 kW * h. It is proposed to consistently increase the cost of electricity by 25% during 2021–2023 by 25% annually for those who consume up to 500 kWh.

In parallel with this, the new head of NKREKP, Valery Tarasyuk, advocated equalizing tariffs for industrial and residential consumers. According to him, cross-subsidization only harms the industry. Aligning tariffs will also reduce the cost of electricity for enterprises by 15-20%.

The increase in tariffs will give a powerful impetus to the even greater development of the use of small windmills and solar panels in private households. It is worth noting that the increase in tariffs in recent years and in the future greatly reduces the time for which their own power plants fully pay off. That is why, now is the best time not only to think about our own SES or wind farm, but also to install them.


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