Solar panels. New for 2019 and 2020.


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What to expect from the solar panel market in 2020 and 2019 brought interesting things?

In fact, there were no special emergency leaps. Solar energy continues to step forward with a solid confident step. The efficiency of various types of solar panels continues to grow, power increases by $ 100 in cost, and new methods for placing panels also appear.

The main thing is not what solar panels you have, but how you use them.

Floating solar power plants

In general, this idea is quite old and the first floating solar power station was built back in 2008. But in 2019, the idea arose to massively install such power plants on artificial ponds and reservoirs used for irrigation. That is, where there is no need to preserve flora and fauna. Thus, farmers receive more area for electricity production.

Built-in solar panels.

The inclusion of solar panels in house designs is gaining popularity. When building a country house or cottage there is no need to install panels separately. The system is already in the drawings of the house. This slightly reduces the cost of solar panels. But in Ukraine such an innovation is not yet popular.


People have different tastes and not everyone likes the look of solar panels. For this reason, covering of solar panels with a film with a tile texture gains popularity. We see approximately such a film on the windows of public transport. Its use reduces battery performance, but some people are willing to make such sacrifices.

Solar fabric

A promising technology is tissue, which can convert light into electricity. Fabrics using perovskite already show the first positive results, but so far it is not known exactly when it will be possible to purchase a tent-power station and how much it will cost. Such a technology would be very useful, since a simple tent would then turn into a small power plant.

What is more profitable for me today?

In recent years, technology has not appeared on the market to change the rules of the game on the solar panel market for private households. As in previous years, the most advantageous solution is single-crystal silicon or polycrystalline silicon solar panels. Their price and effectiveness remain relatively constant with little movement towards increased efficiency.

Organic solar panels now show much lower silicon efficiencies. At the same time, batteries with perovskite or the use of other technologies are already showing record efficiency, which is rapidly approaching 50%. But such solar panels are very expensive, unprofitable and are in demand only in the space industry. Meanwhile, the owner of a private home needs a solar panel with a maximum watts per unit value. Area and mass are already of secondary importance.


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