How to lift solar panels to the roof?


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Підйом сонячних панелей на дах
Installation of Solar Panels at the Los Alamos County Nature Center

A solar panel measuring 2X1 meters weighs about 20 kg and costs within 3-4 thousand hryvnias. The process of installation of such panels involves the lifting of several centners on the roof of the house. Moreover, they should be lifted gently to avoid scratches and bumps, and in their dimensions this becomes an easy task.

Ways to raise the solar panels to height:

1. Lifting manually on hanging cables

Just tying the solar panel with a rope and lifting it up is the easiest option. But it works before the first gust of wind that will stick the sun into the wall of the building. In addition, workers should be constantly on the edge of the roof, which increases the risk of falling. Falling from the roof is unpleasant even with insurance.

Pocket for solar panels
Lifting in a special pocket in the safest way

2. Lifting up an inclined ladder

Most panel crews now use folding ladders as rails for lifting solar panels. The solar panel is simply attached to the bar with cutouts under the side poles. So you can quickly and safely lift the solar panels even a large area in height. The costs will be minimal and the security level quite high. Of course, such a fixture will not hold the solar panel with a sharp strong gust of wind, but mounting something on the roof in windy weather is generally a bad idea.

You can make solar panel lift yourself
Ropes and electric wench – fast and easy

A ladder that is suitable for a similar purpose costs 3000-4000 UAH. But to make the process even cheaper, you can use wooden beams, metal rails or pipes instead of a ladder. It is only necessary that they are of sufficient length and can withstand 10-20 kg load. In addition, if the slope is sufficient, the rail pressure will be less. Design for lifting solar panels can cost up to 500 UAH. Instead of rails, you can even use two tensioned cables. Just a good quality paracord will fit. The main thing is that you have a separate exit to the roof.

3. Crane or tow truck

Renting a crane for 3-4 hours will cost from 3000 UAH. A crane can only be needed if a large number of solar panels are to be raised simultaneously on a flat roof. For example, if you are going to cover the roof of a hypermarket with solar panels. Then its load capacity will be useful. In other cases, it is a waste of money.

Lifting solar panels via crane
Pretty expensive. Unless you have your own one. Or your neighbor does.

4. Inclined lifts

If you install more than one dozen or not hundreds of Solar Power Plants on the roof, then inclined lifts is the best option. For example, an inclined GEDA lift with a maximum length of 13.5 meters can lift up to 150 kg of payload to the height of the fourth floor. That is, it is suitable not only for solar panels, but also for lifting various building materials. And also for lifting the workers themselves. In addition, it has a special mount for solar panels. Such a lift can be rented, though you will have to search.

The best way for lifting a lot of solar panels
Inclined ladder lifts – fast, safe and effective


Now the ladder is the cheapest, most versatile and efficient method of lifting solar panels up. Especially if the house is not higher than 3 floors and it is not necessary to raise much. The ladder is also an option for independent installation of solar panels at low altitude. But keep in mind that there are more convenient quick and safe lifting methods. In addition, the Green Tariff has actually created a market for private solar in Ukraine. And the amount of work for installation teams will only grow, as will the volume of the average project.


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