In our country have the intention to pass a law on the extension of the “green” tariff for solar and wind stations of a private nature until 2040


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The proposal for such changes was made by the National Commission, which implements state regulation in the field of energy and municipal utilities. Representatives of the commission argue that after the “green” auctions are introduced, the existing tariffs for alternative energy should be left. This will apply to private solar and wind stations.

The law on the introduction of “green” auctions of industrial capacities of renewable energy in Ukraine regulates a complete transition to such a system of interaction in the energy market, starting from 01.01.2020.


In this regard, the representatives of the National Commission suggested that at the governmental level they should fix the extension of the current “green” tariffs for private households for the period up to 2040 inclusive.

It should be noted that tariffs for SES, which at different times will be connected to the network, look like this:

– from 01.01.2020 to 31.12.2024 – the tariff is 13.04 euro cents per kilowatt-hour;

– from 01.01.2025 to 31.12.2029 – 11.74 euro cents per kilowatt-hour;

– from 01.01.2030 to 31.12.2034 – 10.56 euro cents per kilowatt-hour;

– from 01.01.2035 to 31.12.2040 – 9.42 euro cent per kilowatt-hour.

Wind power stations of a private nature, depending on the time of commissioning, will have the following tariffs:

– from 01.01.2030 to 31.12.2034 – 8.4 euro cent per kilowatt-hour;

– from 01.01.2035 to 31.12.2040 – 7.54 euro cent per kilowatt-hour.

Representatives of NCRCU stated that before the adoption of amendments to the laws there will be a number of discussions concerning the following key issues:

– explanation of the levels of the “green” tariff for solar and wind power stations;

– changes in the wording regarding the equipment of private stations (it is a matter of increasing the permissible capacity of equipment installed in private households and creating a single tariff for wind and solar stations);

– adoption of resolutions simplifying the process of issuing a “green” tariff for stations with low power (up to 500 kilowatts);

– an additional payment to the owners of SES and WEC for the use of locally produced equipment (charging payments, both to auction prices and to the “green” tariff);

– an additional payment to the owners of SES and VES for the use of power storage systems.

The NKREC was informed that these issues will be discussed on August 29, 18 in the building of the National Commission. The event will be held from 10.00. 0 reviews Address: city Kyiv, ul. Smolenskaya, 19.


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