In the Ukrainian capital, a unique energy service for multi-storey buildings


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Kiev became a pioneer in the field of providing energy services. Most recently, a contract was sign that regulates the implementation of energy-saving technologies within a multi-storey building. All activities will be regulate by the energy service mechanism.

The project is plane to be test on the territory of the housing and house cooperative “Polytechnic” in the capital.

The energy service agreement provides for the modernization of the heat point by establishing an automatic system for recording temperatures and weather regulation. This system is call SynergyData.

Its peculiarity is that the amount of heat consumed is fixed and analyzed by the ESCO company every hour.

Experts note that the radiators in the premises will have valves for manual temperature regulation by residents of the high-rise building. The system will record the use of these regulators and select the optimal temperature regime, providing significant savings for the tenants themselves.

The Kyiv city government provided considerable assistance to HHC “Polytechnic” in the implementation of the pilot project. The energy service contract includes the modernization of the heat point through the commissioning of a special heating system module.

Specialists noted that the efficiency of heat production would increase significantly if the module were install also on hot water in a multi-storey building. The city authorities provided the cooperative with this module as a presentation.

It should be note that there were many people wishing to be insulate this year. ZhSK “Polytechnic” was electe among 20 multi-storey houses for the implementation of a pilot project. In addition to the technical characteristics of the building itself, this choice was facilitate by the solvency of residents and their ability to self-organize.

Experts said that the energy service agreement allows you to pay for work on thermo-modernization by installments. At the same time, energy-saving measures during this time will already bring significant savings in the realities of utility tariffs, which are constantly growing. A private ESCO energy service company invests energy-efficient measures. The investor plans to return the enclosed finances for several years, so any multi-storey building with investor funds cannot count.

Advisor to the head of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation of Ukraine noted that the features of the company-client system are clear to everyone: installment for work is pay from those funds that could be save through energy-efficient measures.

Aleksey Korchmit also noted that the lack of savings for some reason is a defect of the ESCO company and its concern.

In the event that the savings are greater than planned, the residents can jointly make the monthly contribution more impressive in order to shorten the payment period.

When the term of the energy service agreement expires, all equipment is transfer to the collective ownership of residents of the high-rise building. It is worth noting that the maintenance of equipment from that moment also becomes a duty of residents.

A pilot project for the implementation of the energy service in our country will be implement with the support of the residents themselves, representatives of the authorities and business.

In our country, the program “Creation of Energy Agencies in Ukraine”, which is organized by a company from Germany, has been running for several years already. This program gave rise to similar energy service projects. The German agency closely cooperates in the field of energy saving with the public association “Municipal Energy” with the support of the Kyiv City State Administration.

Specialists note that the energy service is a good substitute for the state program for the issuance of “warm” loans for high-rise buildings, which have already created HBC or AJOAH.


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