Keep up with the times! The solar panel tracker model S250 showed excellent results in practice


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February of this year became a landmark for Turkey (the city of Aksaray) – there were put into operation 2 sites for generating electricity through the use of sunlight. New stations connected 12 new models of trackers, which got the name S250. This model is uniaxial and eventually with its help in this project it was possible to achieve a capacity of 2.43 megawatts.

It should be noted that the location of sites is quite unusual – more than 1200 m above sea level. Tracking system was created in such a way that it seemed possible to install it in places where negative temperatures prevail, and there is an impressive amount of precipitation in the form of snow. The model of the tracker was designed taking into account that it should last as long as possible under these extreme operating conditions.

Each new site includes six trackers model S250. Each tracker in turn has 12 sections, which consist of 69 photomodules.

According to preliminary estimates of specialists, the increment in energy generation with the connection of this innovation to the process will be about 20 percent. It is interesting that investments in such implementation increased by 12 percent, and this fact means an improvement in the return on investment and leads to an increase in the net present value of the investment component.

Using models of the new tracker S250 increases the total estimate for the solar power plant project by only 10 percent. At the same time, the amount of generated energy will increase by 25 percent.

The tracker has a hinge on six axes, which makes it possible to compensate the displacement of the mounting pipes to ten centimeters in one direction or another. The six-axis hinge allows you to mount the system on platforms with hilly terrain.

In addition, innovative trackers have a more sophisticated control system (GSM). This allows you to connect using Wi-Fi. The method of this kind of control makes it possible to connect in a short time and in a simplified version, and immediately start working, excluding long tracker settings.

In addition, the GPS system is able to monitor the location of the sun and rotate the solar panels in the most productive position.

Produces solar trackers S250 is Company “Solar Stalkonstruktsiya.” The partner of the company in the field of development is Mechatron. Trackers comply with all EU norms and are specially adapted to the conditions of use in our country and in Eastern Europe.

Direct supplier of trackers of model S250 in Ukraine is the company “Energy of nature – green tariff”. To find out more exact information about these systems and make an order, please visit


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